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Maria Sharapova ended her career. What will the ex-tennis player do now?

How can you leave behind the only life you know? How can you leave the courts, where you trained since childhood, from the game you love. The game that gave you tears and joy. A sport in which you found a family and fans who have been for you for over 28 years. This is new to me, so please forgive me. Tennis, I say goodbye - with these words the famous Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova announced the end of her professional career.

The athlete has many victories and awards left behind, which, of course, introduced her to the pantheon of the best tennis players in the world. Maria Sharapova is one of ten women in history who has a so-called career helmet. This means that she won all the Grand Slam tournaments, but in different years. However, the tennis star's brilliant career came to an end. We suppose what the eminent athlete will do now.

Development of her own brand

In August 2012, an international presentation of Sugarpova sweets took place in New York. Since that moment, the brand of Maria Sharapova has become known all over the world. The Russian tennis player has never hidden her love for sweets. She managed to turn that feeling into a profitable business.

Gum sales started in the USA in In August, and in the first three days alone, according to Sharapova's agent Max Eisenbad, 250 thousand packs of sweets were sold. Maria is not only the founder and owner, but also the creative director of the brand. She participates in the formation of the assortment and creation of product design, invents and draws sketches of sweets.

Perhaps soon Maria will delight lovers of sweets with another interesting product. Indeed, besides the production of sweets, Sharapova is fond of baking lactose-free and gluten-free pp-pies.

Maria Sharapova ended her career. What will the ex-tennis player do now?

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Maria Sharapova ended her career. What will the ex-tennis player do now?

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Filming in films and television shows

They say that a talented person is talented in everything. This statement perfectly describes Sharapova and her desire to try herself in new roles. For example, at the end of 2019, the tennis player took part in the filming of the American TV series The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. In episode Maria nI had to play the role of myself.

It should be noted that this is not the first appearance of a Russian athlete on screens. In 2018, Maria starred in the film Ocean's 8. It has long been known about Sharapova's shooting in the film. The Russian woman again performed a cameo, but was not sure that the scene would be included in the final editing. When the film premiered, the athlete ironically commented on the frame of her appearance on her personal Twitter account:

Perhaps, after already filmed pictures, Maria will continue her way to conquering Hollywood.

Passion for fashion

Outside the court, Maria does not forget about her own appearance. She always tries to look spectacular. No wonder one of Sharapova's main hobbies is fashion. Nike has several times created collaborations with the Russian athlete, which were very successful.

More Moreover, Maria herself acted as a designer in these collaborations. Perhaps the fruitful cooperation will continue after the girl's career in professional sports ends. By the way, it was the Nike brand that did not turn away from Sharapova and continued to support her during the disqualification due to the doping scandal.

Maria Sharapova ended her career. What will the ex-tennis player do now?

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Maria Sharapova ended her career. What will the ex-tennis player do now?

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Charity has long been considered good form among top athletes. Sharapova's personal foundation - Maria Sharapova Foundation - was founded in 2007. The organization chose the direction of its activity not by chance. A few months before the birth of Maria, the tennis player's parents left their hometown of Gomel, which suffered from the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Years later, Sharapova began helping young people from the regions at the center of the disaster.

In 2005 year, the tennis player won the WTA World Championship. For winning the tournament, Maria received a new Porsche car, which she sold at an auction. The proceeds $ 54 thousand. Sharapova donated to the fund to help the children of Beslan.

Two years later, the athlete became a Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Development Program. Of the eight Millennium Development Goals, Sharapova was tasked with working to eradicate poverty. At the ceremony at the UN headquarters, the athlete announced the amdonation of $ 100 thousand dollars, which she made through her foundation. The funds were used to help eight youth projects in the Chernobyl-affected regions of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. We hope Maria will not stop doing charity work now.

Personal life

Previously, there were many rumors and guesses around Sharapova's personal life. Finally, on October 19, 2018, the tennis player dispelled the shadows of doubts. She posted on her Instagram account a photo of the British millionaire Alexander Gilks ​​, a close friend of Prince Harry himself. Maria confirmed that she is in a romantic relationship with a man.

Alex, it seems, may well make up Maria's real happiness. They started dating in early 2018. The Briton is handsome, rich, loves Russia and even speaks our language. Let's hope that this novel will be happy for Sharapova.

From now on for Maria Sharapova, one might say, a new life begins. Great victories and bitter defeats were left behind. Ahead is an unknown future, in which the athlete will try to reach the same unprecedented heights.

Maria Sharapova ended her career. What will the ex-tennis player do now?

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Why Maria Sharapova is Retiring From Tennis

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