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5 funny stories about Marat Safin, by which we remember him

After watching the Sunday US Open final between Daniil Medvedev and Rafael Nadal, there are at least two facts that cannot be denied: Medvedev is an incredibly promising player, and Marat Safin is a very memorable commentator. Pivasik, sorry, podrezulka, who else could have uttered such words live on Channel One, if not Safin?

Marat throughout his career had an excellent sense of humor, which has not gone away over the years. No clichés, no tediousness, just a light, cheerful narration from the former first racket of the world. Safin reads the game perfectly and clearly explains its subtleties to viewers. He also advised TV shows, discussed the fans and joked about Nadal's hair loss. Here are some quotes from his comments:

  • Oh, pivasik!
  • Oops, I picked it up well! Bravo!
  • Hot water is coming.
  • Nadal plays football very well. He could be the best in Spartak or Zenit.
  • His eyes are ready for victory. He senses that he smells like fried.
  • I hope I am explaining well. If not, sorry.
  • '- Come on, serve a slant. Let's skew. '
  • If Nadal loses, it can be said that he has officially aged.
  • Nadal is also nervous. Look, his hair is already falling out.
5 funny stories about Marat Safin, by which we remember him

Nadal is nervous, losing her hair. Oh pivasik. Safin is the commentator of the year!

Marat Safin did something unimaginable in the live broadcast of the US Open final. The fans are delighted and want more.

In general, Safin, as always, is in his repertoire. We decided to recall 5 more reasons why tennis fans still remember him with enthusiasm as a player.

5 funny stories about Marat Safin, by which we remember him


Safin did not spare the rackets

Marat was never shy of his emotions, and if he got angry, the rackets usually got it. Even 8 minutes is not enough to show all the cases when Safin took out anger on the inventory. And Marat could swear heartily right on the court. Lip-reading lovers will surely be horrified if they watch the recordings of his emotional outbursts.

Always stands his ground

In the history of world tennis, the dialogue between Marat Safin and referee Pascal Maria during the Safin match remains forever Roddick at the 2007 Australian Open. After the third set, it started raining, so the match had to be paused to open the roof and put the court in order. When all the problems were fixed, Marat refused to continue the meeting for a while, pointing out to Pascal that the court was not dry yet. For this, the tennis player received a warning.

As soon as the first game ended, Safin again began to sort things out with the referee. With the score 1: 1 * (40:40) in the fourth set, Pascal made an incorrect decision after serving, believing that the ball went out-of-bounds. After watching the video replay, the point had to be counted, and on the next serve Safin won the game. During the break heagain started a conversation with the arbiter about the unfairness of his decisions and his own powerlessness before the judges. It was then that the legendary phrase of Marat sounded:

Without undue modesty

In 2004 in Paris at the Roland Garros tournament, Safin met with the Spaniard Felix Mantilla in the 1/32 finals. Marat won with a score of 3: 2, and the match was remembered for an unusual trick, with which our tennis player celebrated an accurate shot after a long and difficult rally. Safin played brilliantly near the net, pulling out the most difficult shortened ball, after which he lowered his shorts to celebrate.

Marat's rival clearly did not expect such a turn of events.

The referee issued a warning to Marat, and since it was became for him the second in the match (the first - for a broken racket), the referee fined Safin one point.

After the end of his career, the tennis player himself recalled this episode: We must entertain, we try to make it fun. I'm tearing my ass on the court, the stadium is full. I think we did a great job. Four hours of great tennis. But because of this incident, did the ATP people treat me this way? Do you think this is fair? Do you think this is really fair? These people do their best to stop playing tennis. You cannot do that, you cannot do this, you cannot speak when you want to speak. Many things are not allowed. I don’t want to go into details. This is just ridiculous. It hurts me to look at this. And every year it gets worse and worse.

Remains a gentleman in any situation

Once Safin unsuccessfully accepted the serve of Slovakian Dominik Hrbata at the 2009 Hopman Cup in Perth. The ball bounced off his racket into touch and hit the assistant referee - an elderly woman sitting at the net. Marat immediately ran up to her and kissed her, which delighted the audience. On that day, he again showed everyone that he was, perhaps, the most lively and sensitive tennis player of his time.

Not afraid to talk about personal

Not every athlete will be able to admit that he does not like sports or that he has ceased to bring him pleasure. Most often in interviews with athletes, we hear something like: Sport is my life, and it comes first. Safin bribed fans with his openness and courage in judgments, and also liked to remind that tennis is just a game.

When I won the second Helmet, a mountain fell off my shoulders. I already thought that I would remain the guy who accidentally taxied one Helmet and did not achieve anything else. I remember sitting in the locker room and thinking: Lord, thank you. Thanks. I did it. Instead of enjoying tennis, I was tormented. And I do not want others to suffer too, because this is a game - Safin about winning the Australian Open in 2005.

Marat Safin is one of the brightest personalities not only in Russian, but also in world tennis ... His game is remembered and loved in various parts of the world, and the semi-final Federer - Safin at the Australian Open in 2005, which lasted 4 hours 28 minutes and ended with the victory of our tennis player in five sets, is considered one of the best matches in the history of the tournament.

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