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Throughout the first week at Wimbledon, talk about slippery surfaces, which made almost all the players in the main draw, slip and fall. An incredibly large number of sensations and defeats of favorites were also attributed to this. On Monday, the second week, I never heard such conversations. Perhaps this topic has already set everyone's teeth on edge and has ceased to be popular. And maybe on the weekend everyone, either live or in the news, managed to watch the British Grand Prix in Formula 1 races and were horrified by four cases of tire explosion during the race. Moreover, this also happened with the participation of the favorites - Hamilton, Massa and Perez somehow suffered from damage to parts of the musculoskeletal system, and the Mexican almost took off the track Fernando Alonso ... Only the middle peasant Verne did not fit into this company. It's good that at Silverstone there were no serious consequences for the pilots themselves, and Hamilton even managed to become the fourth in the Grand Prix. But the analogy with the tennis players injured on the English grass arose by itself and did not leave the whole Monday, when all the quarterfinalists of the tournament became known on the courts of the All England Tennis Club. Such coincidences cannot be completely accidental and they say something. Another thing is that we do not understand what about.

And if you are not ready to believe me, then here is another analogy for you. For the first time during the Formula 1 season, the multiple world champion Sebastian Vettel could not finish the race. Due to a breakdown in the gearbox of your car. After 24 hours at Wimbledon Center Court, Serena Williams , the last of the favorites in the women's tournament, lost. She lost, being so squeezed in her every move, in her every step, which is absolutely understandable: somewhere on the way from the brain to the limbs, an incredible obstacle suddenly happened, which did not allow the five-time Wimbledon champion to continue the hike for her next trophy.

All English patient

Felipe Massa

You know for sure that inside the human body there is no transmission, in one time or another capable of changing our temperament and mood, efficiency and calmness?

Why is Sabina Lisicki not Nico Rosberg ? The representative of Germany, who was born outside Vaterland and has not yet emerged from the category of rising talents and periodically still torments the favorites. However, Rosberg, as I see it, has more chances for universal recognition than Lisicki. But they both know how to rejoice in their success and, to one degree or another, in the failure of the favorite, whom they managed to bypass on a sharp turn. Lisicki has been striving for such a success for a long time. And for the fourth time in a row she managed to beat the reigning champion Roland Garros at Wimbledon. It is the grass of Wimbledon that gives its game some special charm and unpredictability. Rosberg, in turn, in such a love of the British tracke was. But the trouble is the beginning. And Lisicki has not won Wimbledon yet. She simply managed to make Serena Williams too nervous and therefore commit a large number of incredible, as it seemed before, mistakes. Rosberg and his entire Mercedes team in the course of the season only increased pressure on Red Bull and Vettel as its leader. So we got a natural result in the form of a victory.

But now, after this success in the match with Serena Williams, Lisicki becomes one of the main favorites of the current Wimbledon. To do this, she has both a great serve, and superbly working on the grass oblique blows from the forehand. So far, we have not seen in her performance, except that the unbending will to win, the champion's character. Well, after all, Rosberg is just trying on the role of the prima of German motorsport after the departure of Michael Schumacher. It will be as difficult for him to outshine the Red Baron as it will be for Sabina Lisicki to surpass at least part of the achievements of Steffi Graff . But in today's single situation, she may well be at the top of the podium. Although we have recently discussed the unenviable fate of the favorites' overthrowers in the next match at this Wimbledon. And the conclusions were disappointing. Let's see, maybe Lissitzky will become the exception, without which no rule works.

Purely English heroes, neither at Wimbledon on Monday, nor at Silverstone on Sunday, did not show convincing performance. Hamilton due to a tire explosion should now rejoice in fourth place. And the purely English driver Jenson Button in the very English car of the Formula 1 McLaren championship looked completely unpresentable on his own track because of the weaknesses of his car. And tennis players Laura Robson , despite all (to be honest - very high) expectations, could not get through to the quarterfinals of the current Wimbledon, losing first of all to the power of her rival Kayi Kanepi . Well, Andy Murray , although he knocked out the last of the Russians Mikhail Youzhny from the tournament, in some places he had to furiously catch up with his opponent. And Andy's game was clearly inferior to itself as a sample of a year ago. Youzhny regularly found himself at the ball in a much more advantageous situation. Another thing is that Mikhail did not always manage to derive the appropriate benefit from this. And the leaders of world tennis usually do not forgive such waste. So it turned out, as it were, a confident victory for Andy Murray, after which he, very flushed and sweating, gave an interview to the BBC, overly praising his own achievements in this match, which, according to the comments of many experts, were not even in sight.

Mark Webber , shortly before the British Grand Prix, announced his retirement from Formula 1 at the end of the season - why not Tommy Haas ? The 35-year-old German, however, does not think about any retirement and sometimes plays now in such a way that the 25-year-olds will envy, but still failed to surpass Novak Djokovic . It is understood that before retirement HaAsa still a little time left. But he is going to use these remaining months to get the most out of the business that he has been doing for most of his life.

Bernard Tomich after the current Wimbledon and past formal battles, he found a twin with me in the face of Adrian Sutil . A person is not offended by talent, but various minor circumstances and discrepancies with the law hinder career development. And it seems that everyone is ready to start to rank him among the elite, but at the last moment something breaks down. The Australian fought two sets with Tomasz Berdych , a three-year-old Wimbledon finalist, on equal terms, and then, like Sutil, who squeezed out all the juices from his body (or car) after two-thirds of the distance, things began to decline and ended badly.

All English patient

Maria Sharapova

But the main parallel is that, both in Formula 1 and in the quarterfinals of the Grand Slam tournament, there are no more random people left. Of the eight surviving girls, only two will make their debut at this stage at Wimbledon. But Kirsten Flipkens won here among juniors 9 years ago and has long ago got an idea of ​​what the peculiarities of the most ancient tennis competition are. And Sloane Stevens , due to his youth, still plays only his second Wimbledon in his career, having already behind him the semifinals of another Grand Slam tournament - the Australian Open - then flavored with a victory over Serena Williams.

there are four men of such debutants at once. But the previous weak results of Juan Martin del Potro were always perceived here as a misunderstanding. Fernando Verdasco looking at Tommy Haas decided to cheer up and give everyone a reason to remember his enchanting game in Australia 4 years ago. And Jerzy Janovic makes up for the shortage of bright rising young stars, taking in the quarterfinals and compatriot Lukos Kubot . In the end, we need to see for the first time at the Grand Slam tournament the meeting of two Poles and the first semi-finalist among men in the history of this country!

If we remember that in the women's net he still exhausts his rivals Agnieszka Radwanska , then the current Wimbledon, so surprising, the Poles played better than all other tennis powers. Perhaps we still have to study this phenomenon of Polish tennis at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century more closely? Approximately as now all specialized motorsport publications are studying the issue of the presence in Formula 1 of a large number of neophytes from Latin America. There are just three of them in the current Royal Races. Moreover, Wimbledon in 2013 will end at about the same time that it will be held in Formula 1 the next Grand Prix at almost the same legendary as Wimbledon, the Nurburgring. It is probably worth taking a closer look at these competitions in search of new parallels.

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