Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Wimbledon 2019 Second Round Press Conference

Andreev: there is nothing wrong with Tsonga

In the first round match, the Russian Igor Andreev did not experience any particular problems - at the start of Roland Garros, he quite confidently dealt with the veteran of French tennis Florent Serra . The tennis player's post-match press conference was attended by

a special correspondent for

- Are you satisfied that you managed to finish your first fight so quickly?
- Of course, I am very glad that I managed to win. The first circle is one of the most difficult because everyone is playing on their nerves. I managed to win the match in three sets, and I was completely satisfied with my game, except for a few moments in the first and third games. I hope that I will continue to play in the same vein.

- Your opponent is French, and almost the entire stadium was rooting for him. Did it put pressure on you?
- Yes, more people shouted for him, they supported him, but it didn’t play any big role. I just tried to think about how and where to send the ball, what to do. The fans were quite correct, so it not only did not interfere, but even helped me.

- How would you rate the performance in Dusseldorf in terms of preparation for this start?
- This is a good tournament. Everyone is offended that we didn’t play better, because we have never won this competition. Our chances were pretty good this year, until the very last day we could take both first and fourth places in the group. I failed to win two single matches, I was upset. But all this is a plus, since playing practice on the eve of a major tournament is always useful. Now I feel good.

In Düsseldorf, there is a little less pressure on you during matches than at other singles tournaments. You play and understand that if something doesn't work out now, then you won't need to sit and train for a whole week, waiting for the next match. You know in advance that you will definitely play three meetings. Somewhere you can try, in addition to training, doing physical training.

- How long does it take on average to get in good shape?
- I think that it is very individual. You gain shape through training only up to a certain level. Further you can climb in

this plan only at the expense of victories. You can train for at least a month, but you won't feel as confident as if you won two matches. The psychological moment is very important. In tennis, this is one of the most basic aspects of any tennis player's game.

- Many people think that the ground is perfect for your tennis style and that the quarterfinals are not the ceiling for you. What do you think about this?
- It all depends on many factors. The soil is also different everywhere. Here it is faster, the rebound is higher, so for my game conditions are more suitable here than in Hamburg, for example. The conditions are suitable, it remains only to take advantage of all this. Nevertheless, there is an opponent on the other side of the court who wants to win as much as I do./ p>

- Your next opponent is Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. You will probably play on the center court. What do you expect from this match and what can you say about the Frenchman?
- In this case, I have absolutely nothing to lose. Due to the first victory, I felt my game. In the second round you are already playing tennis more than fighting your nerves.

You have to go out, not think about your opponent. There is nothing wrong with it. Yes, he plays at home, he will be additionally motivated, but on the other hand, there will be more pressure on him. We must take advantage of this. I feel fine. We must go out and play boldly.

- Do tennis players keep in mind the statistics of personal meetings before some matches?
- Honestly, this is the case when you have met many times ... If you have played with someone once or twice, this does not mean that the opponent is convenient for you or not. If you played 10 matches and won everything, then that is different.

- You changed your racket this season, right?
- Yes, since the beginning of the year I have been playing with a different racket .

- Why did you decide to change?
- It's a long story. Last year I played with the old model, which I can no longer play. And I didn't really like the new ones, so in the offseason I tried this yellow racket. Just before Roland Garros it was repainted red.

It takes some time to find the perfect string tension, and

stuff, stuff.

- Are you satisfied with the first half of the season?
- I cannot say that I am satisfied, since I did not have any results as such. I am satisfied with my physical condition, the absence of major injuries. In general, I feel that I am doing everything right. All that remains is to show it on the court.

It's hard to play when you have a low rating, because in the first round there can be any opponent - both from the top 5 and from the top 10. It is not always easy, and this period can be prolonged. Now I lose to very few of the weak tennis players. Well, what to do? We must continue to compete and train.

- Is it difficult psychologically to feel this drop in the ranking? At one time you came to tournaments and had your seed, but now you don't.
- This is a sport. When you get injured, you drop in the rankings. This is inevitable. In tennis, you have to go out on the court every day and prove that you are rightfully in your place in the ranking. The main thing is to adequately perceive all such differences. If you are healthy and can play, then you always have a chance to return to where you were.

- Where do you train?
- In Valencia. I come to Moscow in the summer. It's just that it's hard to train here in winter, there are problems with gyms and traffic jams. In summer it is easier in this regard.

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