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Andriy Medvedev: Ukrainian women in the elite - a pattern

It is interesting that in the next season only European teams will play in the world elite of women's team tennis. Ukrainians have joined teams from Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Slovakia. For a comment on this achievement, the correspondent turned to the best tennis player in the history of Ukraine Andrey Medvedev .

- You know, tennis is such a sport that the favorite does not always win, - said Andrew. - The Ukrainian national team flew to Australia not in the optimal composition and nevertheless achieved such an amazing result. Of course, Stosur and Dokic did not play for the Australians, but this in no way diminishes the merits of our tennis players.

- Is this result logical?
- Of course, natural. Although in the current situation, the Ukrainian national team had significantly less chances to beat Australia than in previous years.

- Only the European teams remained in the world group. Nobody needs the Federation Cup or the level of European tennis has grown so much?
- The level of tennis in the world is only growing - that's for sure. As for the failures of the same national teams of the USA or Australia ... You know, I don't follow the Fed Cup so closely, so I can't make a diagnosis with certainty. This is the most prestigious team competition in tennis, so I would not like to say that the tournament is of little interest. On the other hand, if the leading tennis players do not come to play for the national teams, then there is a problem. Something needs to be changed.

- Ukrainian women in the Federation Cup make their way to the world group for the second time in history, and what is needed for the Ukrainian men's team to repeat this achievement in the Davis Cup?
- Win a matchball, win a match in three fights. Perhaps that's all.

- Why then did the Ukrainian team fail to do this even once?
- The wait won't be long, the guys will definitely do it in the near future. The Ukrainian team is young, the guys are talented, it remains to show flexibility in order to assemble the optimal composition.

- Do you mean the story with Alexander Dolgopolov?
- Yes. It should not be so that the best tennis player in the country does not play for the national team. Sasha shows excellent tennis, especially since he was meeting our federation. What they started to do around his participation or non-participation in the national team match is just a kindergarten. I cannot call it any other way. The litter from the hut in this case was taken out incorrectly. But I think that in the near future there will be a link that will help Sasha Dolgopolov play for the Ukrainian national team in the near future.

- Which side are you on in this story? Could you yourself act as this link in the negotiation process?
- I do not represent anyone, therefore I am on the side of Andrei Medvedev. Nobody contacted me regarding negotiations. Although I think I could handle this function.

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