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Boris, you're wrong

Ten years ago in Paris, I was desperately rooting for Misha Youzhny , and the fate of his rival in a dramatic five-set duel, Paul-Henri Mathieu , passed in the background. On Saturday, the feelings turned out to be the opposite ... There is no paradox, however: this time Mathieu and Yuzhny did not play against each other. It's just that, alas, the Russian turned out to be just an extra on the background of David Ferrer , while the French, who played with his Spaniard, and also stronger, judging by his place in the rating list, once again forced the audience to Roland Garros groan from the ecstasy of the struggle. Paul-Henri played only five-set matches at this tournament, and in the second round he rolled such a prominent tennis marathon runner as John Isner . A small anecdote happened to this match: the legendary Boris Becker , with the score of 14:13 in the fifth set, left a note on Twitter: Wow! Again Isner - Mathieu, these are the same people who played the longest match in history. Followers of the German quickly corrected, reminding that Wimbledon 70:68 John Isner played in a duet with Nicolas Mayu . The confused Becker could only erase the tweet, adding in the following: Well, at least they are both French ...

If you look, Boris is only partly wrong. In German these guys read like Mayu and Mathieu - don't get confused, by God. But the main thing is that the French, and not even the leaders, but the more modest players, are the main producers of the longest tennis battles. Roland Garros, for example, Arnaud Clement and Fabrice Santoro played once for six and a half hours, and it was this world record that Mayu and Isner broke in London. Now the two-meter American again fell into the maelstrom of French stubbornness, and this time he could not stand it. At the same time, by the way, he did not even break the previous Paris record. Despite the 18:16 score in the fifth game, Isner and Mathieu met at 5 hours and 41 minutes.

Well, on Saturday, Paul-Henri was already powerless, in the literal sense of the word. Having played back from 0: 2 in sets in a duel with the 20th racket of the tournament Marcel Granollers , the Frenchman collapsed in the decisive game. However, the memory of his performance left a vivid one, which, in fact, is required from a player of average hand. The first weeks of Grand Slam tournaments are generally interesting precisely for the breakthroughs and heroes of not the most noticeable characters. And, of course, five-set incendiary fights, because you will not see them anywhere else (except for the Davis Cup). Another tasty dish of the first week is sensations, but with them the current Parisian tournament let us down. Of the 16 participants in the 1/8 finals, 15 are seeding players, and the leaders act as an unshakable front: in the top eight, not a single loss, despite the fact that without seeding a place in the fourth round was won only by the Belgian David Goffin , whose The breakthrough revived the vibrant Belgian audience, which recently lost their bearings due to the end of careers first Justine Henin , and then Kim Clijsters , as well as the departure from the stage of the former, albeit not very bright, leaders of national tennis in mufemale category - Malissa and the Rochus brothers .

Meanwhile, women have almost the opposite picture, which, by the way, is only considered to be a great rarity. Recently, random people began to penetrate the elite group of the women's rating list, so, in fact, there is a logic in the heterogeneity of the 1/8 finals. Out of the first eight numbers, only five reached this stage, while at the same time six tennis players entered the fourth round without a seed: Shvedova, Lepchenko, Martich, Stevens, Rus and Zakopalova . The last of them managed to take turns to cope with two seeded Russian women and reach the 1/8 finals for the third, Maria Sharapova , which reminded bad memory of the recent tournament at the US Open, where there was not enough stars from the sky until, nor, in fact, after that the American Melanie Uden , thanks to the whims of the drawing and her own persistence, single-handedly dealt with almost all Russian hopes. Zakopalova, I don't think it will shine. Pavlyuchenkova lost to the Czech woman in pure form, Sharapova will not allow herself, no matter how rich the current Roland Garros is at the sensation in the women's tournament.

By the way, the win of the seeded only under Number 26 of Svetlana Kuznetsova at the third number of Agnieszka Radwanska's classification , and the win is easy - no sensation. Sveta simply moved the polka from its rightful place, lost due to health problems, and especially with character. Kuznetsova is still one of the leaders in world tennis in her game, and none of her final results can really surprise. There were very few Russian women in the net initially, and only two made it to the second week. But, as we have already said after the first round, the main thing is not quantity, but quality ...

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