Djokovic and Zverev win to set showdown in London | Nitto ATP Finals 2018 Semi-Final Highlights

Djokovic first reached the semifinals in London

London is a logical choice

The tournament with the participation of the eight best tennis players in the world is held alternately in America, then in Europe, then in Asia. Twice he visited Australia. For the first six years, the Final Tournament changed its home every year. Then he settled in New York, after which he spent nine years in Germany - first in Frankfurt, then in Hanover. In the new century, five rallies were held in Shanghai, and in 2009 the best players in the world began to come to London. It seems that the coverage, the organization, and the territorial location are fine with everyone. Now that the majority of tennis players represent Europe, the choice really seems logical. Of course, Milos Raonic is not opposed to the tournament returning to North America, and Kei Nishikori probably wants to play with the support of fans of the Asian continent, but London is a good compromise.

It is clear that first of all this is Andy's home championship Murray. Usually, Roger Federer is well received here, but this time the Swiss does not play, so Andy is undoubtedly the main star.

Tim's first victory

On Tuesday, November 15, they went to court representatives of another group. As it usually happens, in the second round those who lost in the first matches, as well as the winners, play against each other. This was done so that something would be decided in the third round. The game between Dominic Tim and Gael Monfils was to some extent even more important, since no one wanted to lose a second time. In addition, both are debutants of such competitions, and everyone probably understood that it was in this meeting that a real chance for the first success appeared. It is curious that they previously met only once - last season in Umag. Dominic took over in three sets. He won the opening game in London rather quickly. There were a lot of games - nine, but in none of them it didn’t come to an end. In the middle of the set, Tim added, took someone else's serve and confidently brought the party to victory, winning all eight points in his games. The Austrian had an excellent serve, and he almost did not make mistakes.

It is all the more surprising that Tim was extremely unsuccessful in the second set. In the match with Djokovic, he also took the starting game, after which he limited himself to two games in the next two. But there the set was very persistent and long. Here Dominique quickly took the set, but just as quickly Monfils evened out the situation. He added, reduced the number of rejects and was active at the reception.

Final tournament in London. London, England. Closed hard
Ivan Lendl's group. 2nd round

Dominique Thiem (Austria, 8) - Gael Monfils (France, 6) - 6: 3, 1: 6, 6: 4.

Novak Djokovic (Serbia, 2) - Milos Raonic (Canada, 4) - 7: 6 (8: 6), 7: 6 (7: 5).

Position in the group

1. Novak Djokovic - 2 wins / 4-1 sets / 32-21 games.

2. Milos Raonic - 1 / 2-2 / 24-21.

3. Dominic Thiem - 1 / 3-3 / 22-31.

4. Gael Monfils - 0 / 1-4 / 20-25.

The Frenchman did not allow Dominique to take any of his serves. In the thirdBoth parties were already acting at a good level. In the end Tim looked preferable and earned a double break point. Gael managed to play it, but at 4: 5 he made three double mistakes. The Austrian took advantage of this and won a difficult victory with a score of 6: 3, 1: 6, 6: 4. This is Tim's first success in the Final Events. Moreover, tennis players his age have not won since 2009. Then 22-year-old Novak Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal and Nikolay Davydenko in the group.

I started the match well and tried to avoid the failure that happened in the second set of the match with Djokovic. Unfortunately, I lost the second game again, but in the third I was able to play confidently, and Gael helped me with three double faults. In any case, I am pleased with the victory. At the tournament in London I manage to play better than in the last weeks of the season, because the atmosphere here is amazing, the audience gives me strength, - Tim said.

Raonic played more actively, Djokovic took key points

In the second meeting, the leaders of the subgroup played - Novak Djokovic and Milos Raonic. The tennis players played seven matches. The Serb won everything, giving only one set. In London, Raonic started actively and got a break point in the opening game. At 1: 1 Milos had two opportunities, but again Novak took key points. Raonic, on the other hand, acted perfectly on his serve - eight aces, 88% of goals won from the first and not a single break point from the opponent. The Canadian played much more actively, often went forward, used his right hand whenever possible (mostly cross, but there were also accurate transfers along the line). However, Milos did not manage to win before the tie-break, and the Serb got an advantage on it. On his first set, Djokovic played passively and made a mistake in defense, but at 7: 6 he didn't even have to play - Raonic allowed a double.

When Novak immediately took someone else's serve at the start of the second set, it seemed that the Serb will calmly bring the game to victory. However, Djokovic began to make more mistakes than usual. Quite often, with a sarcastic smile, he looked towards his team and did not understand where such inaccuracies came from. Raonic quickly played the serve, but then again gave the initiative to the opponent. At 4: 3, Djokovic had a disastrous game and made three blunders, allowing the opponent to level the position again. At the end of the set, the Canadian had the advantage. He looked very concentrated and did not give his opponent any easy points. Basically Milos led attacks and dictated the course of the rallies, but sometimes he had to run along the back line and get difficult balls.

Note that sometimes Raonic played excellently from defense too - there were good strokes or low balls at the feet but Djokovic handled them admirably. More often than not, it was Novak who acted in defense and over and over again forced Milos to deliver an additional blow - as a rule, smash. The Canadian was close to success in two games in a row, but first the Serb took the serve from 15:30, and then played the setball. No one risked, but after a long exchange Milos decided to add, but the ball after his blowRa on the right along the line hit the net. In the tie-break, the Serb already made a double at 3: 3, but Raonic was unable to take advantage of this. At the first matchball of Novak, the Canadian shot inaccurately from the left - 7: 6 (8: 6), 7: 5 (7: 5).

Milos showed very good tennis and won 31 more goals cleanly (while only five more), but Djokovic played more clearly on the most important points. He won a difficult and important victory, which allowed him to advance from the group in first place. In the third round, Raonic and Tim will determine the second participant of the semi-final from this group in a face-to-face confrontation.

On Wednesday, November 16, the second round will take place in another quartet. First, Andy Murray and Kei Nishikori will appear on the court, followed by Stan Wawrinka and Marin Cilic.

Novak Djokovic \

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