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Expensive pleasure: how much does it cost to do the most expensive sports

Every year amateur sports are becoming more accessible. Now almost any boy can go out into the courtyard of a neighboring house and play football with friends, while the girls cut across the asphalt on roller skates. Such children's hobbies will definitely not hit the parent's wallet.

Another thing is going to a professional level, which requires considerable financial investments. Especially in those sports that are considered elite. We tell you how much the most expensive sports endeavors will cost and what exactly you will have to spend.


Average bill: about 3.5 million rubles per season in karting.

Auto racing is recognized as the most expensive sport. Billions of dollars are spent annually to build quality tracks, buy powerful cars and maintain Formula 1. Of course, if you are a first-class pilot, then all costs will be borne by sponsors, and fabulous fees will not keep you waiting.

For example, Dieter Renken, author of the Racefans portal, presented an approximate list of salaries for experienced F1 drivers in 2019. For this, the journalist communicated with the team leaders, managers and pilot consultants. According to Rencken's data, six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton received about $ 35 million under the contract, Sebastian Vettel - $ 30 million, and Max Verstappen - $ 16 million.

Still, the path to Formula 1 is thorny: at first you will have to invest a lot of money yourself. The first step to becoming a ring racer is karting. A complete kit for this sport includes:

  • cards - about 212 thousand rubles (depending on brand and capacity);
  • spare motors - 106 thousand rubles;
  • replacement tires - 14 thousand per set;
  • fuel and other spare parts;
  • equipment: overalls, shoes, gloves, helmet, protection - about 20 thousand rubles;
  • participation in competitions - 1-6 million rubles (the price depends on the level of the competition).

After mastering karting, the pilot should switch to a Formula racing car, become a team member and take tests where he can win the attention of managers. But this is already an extremely expensive story not for beginners, which definitely exceeds a million in foreign currency.

Expensive pleasure: how much does it cost to do the most expensive sports

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Equestrian sport

Average check: from 130 to 600 thousand rubles per year.

The price of a thoroughbred horse for participation in world championships is more than one million dollars. Again, professional equestrians have sponsors that cover the costs of the horses, their maintenance, transportation, individual animal nutrition and regular veterinary checks. But at the beginning of the path, dothe rtsman has to pay for everything himself. In equestrian sports, you have to spend money on:

  • equipment: breeches, comfortable shoes, helmet, leggings and gloves, competition costume - about 12 thousand rubles;
  • individual lessons at least twice a week, which will teach you how to handle a horse - 1-3 thousand rubles;
  • horse rental - 15-50 thousand rubles;
  • starting fee for club and regional competitions - from 2 thousand rubles;
  • a professional rider who will prepare a horse for a competition - 10 thousand rubles a month;
  • horse transportation - 5 thousand per trip;
  • special horse food;
  • brushes, saddle, blanket and other accessories (you can buy or rent them).


Average check: about 230 thousand rubles in the first month.

When you talk about golf, you probably think of an English aristocrat playing in shape with a pinch on a perfectly trimmed lawn. Indeed, golf has long been called entertainment for the rich. Here is a list of what a beginner will have to pay for:

  • individual lessons with a trainer at least 1-2 times a week - 5 thousand rubles per hour;
  • sticks: wood, iron and putter - 150-200 thousand rubles (you can rent for the first time);
  • golf balls - 1.3 thousand rubles;
  • equipment: trousers, jumper, baseball cap and shoes - 20 thousand rubles.
Expensive pleasure: how much does it cost to do the most expensive sports

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Average bill: more than 300 thousand rubles per season.

An ice sport that requires a lot of investment at the entry level. A complete set of equipment alone will surprise you with the number of necessary purchases. A novice hockey player will have to save money for:

  • skates - 10-15 thousand rubles;
  • equipment: shields, shorts, bib, elbow pads, gloves, helmet and hockey stick - 23-40 thousand rubles;
  • clothes for exercising in the gym - 3 thousand rubles;
  • subscription to the state academy - 3-8 thousand rubles per month;
  • training camps and away matches - about 200 thousand rubles per season.

Figure skating

Average bill: over 250 thousand rubles per season.

In this sport, the costs of the athletes who are included in the national team are paid in whole or in part by the figure skating federation. However, not everyone reaches the level of the national team. For example, Serafima Sakhanovich, a two-time junior world championship medalist, admitted in an interview that she spends about a million rubles a year. Funds are spent on:

  • sports school activities- 11 thousand rubles per month for children under six years old, after selection - free;
  • individual skating with a trainer - about 2 thousand rubles per hour;
  • program setting - from 15 thousand rubles;
  • skates and blades - 15-60 thousand rubles;
  • a costume for performances (a set of several dresses is required) —20-60 thousand rubles;
  • a suit for training - 5 thousand rubles;
  • clothes for training in the gym - 3 thousand rubles.
Expensive pleasure: how much does it cost to do the most expensive sports

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Urgent check: more than 180 thousand rubles in the first six months.

In professional sailing, millions are spent only on the purchase of sailboats and their maintenance. The fact that sailing ships are currently made from materials that are used in the construction of spacecraft already speaks volumes.

Beginners do not need to buy their own boat, but no one will give you a yacht for rent (about 6 thousand rubles per hour) without a certificate. Approximate cost of courses in Moscow sailing schools:

  • The helmsman of the day sailing - 30 thousand rubles;
  • Bareboat Skipper IYT - 30 thousand rubles;
  • Lessons in radio communication - 6 thousand rubles.

A complete set of equipment, consisting of waterproof pants, a jacket, a fleece jacket, a wetsuit, a safety vest, balloons, boots and boots, can be purchased for 26 thousand rubles.

Expensive pleasure: how much does it cost to do the most expensive sports

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Average bill: about 70 thousand rubles for the first month.

It is generally accepted that tennis is an expensive and fashionable pleasure. Stars of show business, businessmen and politicians are fond of him. Naturally, they do it at an amateur level. What will a person who wants to play tennis professionally have to spend on?

  • Rent of a court - 1.5-3 thousand rubles per hour (depends on location, type of club and coverage on the court);
  • About ten lessons with a trainer - 2 thousand rubles per hour;
In order to save a lot , beginners prefer to work out in groups where the costs are shared among all players.
  • Equipment: tennis racket, balls, sneakers, clothes - about 27 thousand rubles.

Any professional sport requires financial investments. Therefore, when deciding to take up auto racing, figure skating or the likeyennis, you should soberly assess your financial capabilities. And with obvious talent and perseverance, even the most expensive sport can eventually turn into a source of pleasure and income.

Expensive pleasure: how much does it cost to do the most expensive sports

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