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Federer plays interesting, and Djokovic - boring

From sunny California, tennis players have moved to no less sunny Florida. Another major joint tournament has started in Miami. We will try to select from the information flow the most interesting news that are not directly related to tennis.

After parting with McIlroy, Wozniacki matured

Former first racket of the world Danish Caroline Wozniacki admitted that parting with golfer Rory McIlroy in May 2014 was a turning point in her career.

I had a great career, great relationship, Rory was going to marry me. Everything was great. Then something happened that I did not expect at all. My world collapsed in one second. But thanks to that moment, I matured and learned a lot. I realized what I really need. Now I know that I am strong, and I want to win even more. My self-confidence is back, and now I want to achieve more.

Djokovic and Murray are boring

Milos Raonic's coach Ivan Lubicic disagrees with critics who consider the Canadian's game boring. If those who think so, attend Milos's training, then perhaps they will change their minds. There are people who prefer to watch Djokovic and Murray tennis over Federer and Raonic. To be honest, Novak and Andy's game is boring. It is curious that another former tennis player, Xavier Maliss, adheres to a similar position. He contrasted the game of Federer and Djokovic and also believes that Roger's tennis is more interesting.

Serena is criticized more than others

Serena Williams starred for the April issue of Vogue and spoke about the relationship with Wozniacki and her sister Venus. It's hard and lonely at the top. That is why I am so glad to have Caroline and my sister on the tour. When you are number one, you are the target for everyone. Everyone wants to beat you. Everyone speaks behind your back, and you are criticized more than others. When you lose, questions immediately arise, but I'm human too.

Federer plays interesting, and Djokovic - boring

Serena Williams

The coach forgot to announce the ward

The Portuguese Gastau Eliash was unable to compete in the qualification of the Masters-1000 in Miami due to the mistake of his coach Jaime Onsins. The specialist forgot to add a tennis player to the list of participants in the qualifying competition. Eliash and his team flew to Miami and were preparing for the qualification, but then they learned about Onsins' mistake.

The issue of citizenship has never interested Sharapova

Maria Sharapova said that she was not interested in a change Russian citizenship to American. The 27-year-old native of Nyagan has been living in the United States since she was seven. If I wanted to change citizenship, I would do it. The fact is that this question has never been relevant for me, my family and my team, - Sharapova said in an interview with CNBC.

Federer plays interesting, and Djokovic - boring

Maria Sharapova

Photo: Reuters

Bob Hewitt was found guilty of rape

Former netorn racket of the world in doubles Bob Hewitt was convicted of sexual harassment and rape in Johannesburg court. In court, testimony was heard from three women who were victims of a tennis player. Hewitt was previously expelled from the Tennis Hall of Fame on charges of sexual harassment. Bob is the winner of a career Grand Slam in men's doubles and mixed doubles.

Halep is a celebrity in Romania

Simona Halep, after her victory in Indian Wells, said that she feels like a star at home. Wherever I go, a large group of fans support me at any tournament. Many Romanians visit my matches. Romania is a small country, and at the moment we do not have many top-level tennis players, so everyone will recognize me on the streets. It's nice and I just enjoy the moment. I would like to thank the fans for their support. They give me strength. You think you have to play harder in every draw to please them.

Tennis has become monotonous

14-time Grand Slam winner Pete Sampras expressed the opinion that modern tennis too monotonous. Nowadays everyone is mostly playing on the back line and there is practically no rivalry between styles. I think tennis has become too monotonous. McEnroe and Borg played from behind, Edberg and I often went to the net. It depends on what you have been inoculated since childhood. Now everyone is guided by Nadal and Djokovic, but I look forward to what the next generation will offer us.

Rios was not given the title of champion of the Australian Open

The International Tennis Federation dismissed the ex- the first racket of the world Chilean Marcelo Rios to recognize him as the winner of the 1998 Australian Open. Marcelo's request was not satisfied, because Petr Korda was caught doping only five months later, and during the Australian Open finals he was clean, - the director of the organization Sergio Elias explained the decision of the ITF.

Navratilova calls for coming out

18-time Grand Slam winner Martina Navratilova, also known as a fighter for the rights of sexual minorities, expressed her disappointment that not a single player of the Asia-Pacific tour did not admit to a non-traditional sexual orientation. I would be glad if more tennis players confessed that they are gay. I can't believe there hasn't been a single player who has taken this bold step yet. With each such case, we get closer to achieving our goals. Of course, coming out leads to a lot of difficulties, press attention, refusals of sponsors, but this must be overcome.

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