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The final tournament for Serena Williams is going very hard. For the first time in a long time, Serena herself depended on the results of her rivals. If Halep lost to Ivanovic in two sets, the season would have ended for the American. Luckily for Williams, the Romanian turned out to be, indeed, an honest tennis player. Simona unnecessarily played a difficult three-set match with Ivanovich, losing in the end. We can say that the act is neither for myself nor for people. Yesterday Halep was tested for honesty, and today another test is for Williams and Wozniacki .

The girls became especially close this year, and even after losing the US Open final, the Danish woman celebrated Serena's success together with her. Evil tongues said that as soon as Carolina began to win, the friendship would end. In the near future we will find out if this will actually be so.

BNP Paribas WTA Finals. Singapore. Hard
Women. Semifinals

Serena Williams (USA, 1) - Carolina Wozniacki (Denmark, 8) - 2: 6, 6: 3, 7: 6 (8: 6).

Simona Halep (Romania, 4) - Agnieszka Radwanska (Poland, 6) - 6: 2, 6: 2.

In personal meetings, before the semifinal battle, Serena led - 9: 1. She was also the clear favorite in bookmaker prices, but Williams' game in Singapore is still far from what it was at the US Open. The American survives due to her character and her ingenious skill, but the stock is getting smaller. The first game against Carolina was marked by a complete failure - 2: 6. Wozniacki played her tennis, albeit a little cautious, but completely justified. Serena was wrong and accumulated negative energy with each draw. Perhaps the main difference from the match with Halep is Serena's destructive serve. If it weren't for her, it would have been impossible to win even two games.

Little has changed in the opening of the second game. Wozniacki played surprisingly easily on her serve, but gradually the American began to turn herself on. Perhaps artificially, but the plan worked. Almost the turning point was the episode when Serena literally smashed the racket in a few seconds! The boiling point was passed, and the emotional outburst served as a catalyst for the further success of Serena. It was obvious that Wozniacki was nervous. We can say that psychologically Carolina did not cope and could not put the squeeze on the first racket of the world. Serena still made a lot of mistakes, but at least sometimes she covered the blunders with phenomenal hits. Wozniacki began to help a little. For example, a double mistake on the first set point. 6: 3 - Serena returned to the game.

It seemed that Carolina would no longer master the third set. Too many emotions were given during the tournament, and the turning point in this game was obvious. However, the Danish woman coped. Moreover, Wozniacki was the first to enter the home stretch. Carolina grabbed her rival with the score 4: 4 and made a break. However, he did not become decisive. The Danish father came out during the break to set up Carolina for the last fight, but could not. Still, Wozniacki should have servedto be a little better at a crucial moment. Williams had a perfect game and saved the match. Then, when the score was 6: 5, Serena had a matchball, but following the results of an amazing rally, the point went to the Danish. Serena even pulled out a dead short one from under the net, but her opponent was ready for such a development. Tie-break. On the emotional lift, Wozniacki came out ahead 4: 1 and had two serves. Then Fortune smiled at Williams. The ball fell to Carolina's side, hitting the cable, and soon in the next rally, Serena was hit, hitting the net. Serena won five points in a row - got two more match points, but could not cope with the excitement, making two mistakes. Still, the champion character helped Williams. With the score 6: 6, Serena had a perfect serve, but - touching the net. Second try - and ace. Wozniacki was wrong in the next draw. A stunning duel in terms of intensity and drama.

After the game, the girls, of course, hugged, but it was not such a warm hug as after the US Open. Whether friendship will be able to withstand such tests is a big question.


The second semi-final ended in less than an hour. Agnieszka Radwanska predictably failed to cope with Simona Halep . At the same time, before this fight Agnieszka was leading in personal meetings - 4: 2. However, today there was a completely different confrontation.

Khalep from the first game showed who is the master of the situation on the court. It is enough to look at the statistics: for unforced errors, the equality is 13:13, and for the goals won, it was simply a defeat - 26: 4.

Radwanska, of course, tried to fight, but still the polka's reserve of strength is not endless. Her tennis, without optimal readiness, does not allow her to fight on equal terms with the real leaders of the women's round. In the second game, Radwanska gave her fans hope for a miracle with the score 0: 3, making a break from 0:40, but it was a one-time surge. Simona won the match easily - 6: 2, 6: 2.

Tomorrow's final is a remake of the most amazing match in this tournament. Khalep defeated the American in the group stage - 6: 0, 6: 2. Now Simone was not afraid to meet with Serena again. Will Serena cope with another challenge in her brilliant career? Perhaps this is the main intrigue of the upcoming battle for the title.

Serena Williams vs Eva Asderaki _US Open2011

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