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Garbin Mugurus. Dangerous mix

Garbin Mugurusa last year attracted the attention of not only specialists, but also ordinary fans, when she began to appear in the main grids at major tournaments. The young representative of Spain immediately began to gather crowds of fans, largely because of her spectacular appearance. Garbin is not exactly Spanish. Her mother is from Venezuela and her father is Basque. The tennis player started training in Caracas. As a child, she played in the dirt arenas in South America. However, her style is by no means typical for clay lovers.

Mugurusa plays powerful attacking tennis. At the same time, her varied arsenal also includes at times a subtle game at the net, although the girl certainly still has to work on this component. Mugurusa herself admitted that she prefers hard as her favorite coating.

Garbin Mugurusa

Born on October 8, 1993 in Caracas, Venezuela.
Height 182 cm. Weight 73 kg.
The beginning of a professional career - 2011.
The highest position in the WTA ranking - 32nd place.
The best result at Roland Garros - 3 circle (2014).

Despite the rather high growth (182 cm), the Spaniard quickly moves around the court and defends well. Of course, Garbin cannot be called a player without weaknesses, but for her 20 years she is perhaps the most promising tennis player of our time.

Perhaps we would have witnessed her resounding victory much earlier, but on takeoff Garbin was knocked out by an offensive injury ... In July last year, Mugurusa injured her right leg and spent six months recovering. The girl had to undergo surgery. On the eve of this season, the prospects for the Mugurus were very dim. Still, after a serious injury, returning to the tour is a very difficult task. Probably, a young age helped the Spaniard get through this stage. The fact is, Mugurusa is back even stronger than she was before the injury. Garbin took her first title in Hobart . Already at the Australian Open, the 20-year-old tennis player crushed several eminent opponents. Among them are the ex-first racket of the world Carolina Wozniacki .

Soon the Spaniard in Florianópolis reached the final, and also stopped one step away from the decisive match at the tournament in Morocco. At the super tournaments in Madrid and Rome, young Mugurusa fell victim to two experienced tennis players - Samantha Stosur and Francesca Schiavone . Accordingly, today's heroine just barely had enough to get the seeded status in Paris. Mugurusa started the tournament as the 35th racket in the world.

In the first match at Roland Garros, Mugurusa suffered with a little-known American Grace Min - 7: 6 (8: 6), 7: five. Before the fight with Serena Williams , no one would have dared to assume that the Spaniard would not only win, but would take both sets with a large score. A complete rout.

Garbin Mugurusa - Serena Williams - 6: 2, 6: 2.

Aces: 2: 3
Double faults: 3: 5.
Active points won: 12 : 8.
Unforced errors: 18:29.
Total wonpoints: 60:40.

With Serena, it often happens that she gives the start of the match, and then quickly returns the initiative. Mugurusa in the first games did not show a fantastic game, mainly won due to the mistakes of her opponent. But then it was already clear that Garbin believed in herself, so Serena often had to defend herself on the back line. Mugurusa won five games in a row in the first set! In the second game from the start, the Spaniard took the lead - 3: 0, and it was at this moment that Serena was able to make a break. It seemed that the best tennis player on the planet was returning to the match, but Williams failed the next game, making two double mistakes. Mugurusa had two superb games on her serve and brought things to her loudest victory in her career.

Considering that Mugurusa knocked out the first racket of the world, now she is able to reach at least the quarterfinals. It is at this stage that Garbin's meeting with Maria Sharapova is quite possible. In the meantime, the Spaniard needs to focus on her next opponent Anna-Carolina Schmidlova , who beat the eldest of the Williams sisters.

In any case, no matter how this Roland Garros ends for Mugurusa, the tournament will forever remain in her career as a kind of starting point. From tomorrow Garbin is no longer perceived as a young and promising player. From now on, she herself is a master of the highest level, able to beat absolutely anyone.

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