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The main distinguishing features of the US Open are tie-breaks in decisive sets and Super Saturday. According to the organizers' idea, on the first weekend of the week, viewers and TV viewers can enjoy tennis of the highest standard - the men's semi-finals, and then the women's final. But for many years now, only a loud name remains from Super Saturday. The weather is constantly adjusting the schedule for the second week, with the result that for four consecutive years the men's finals are held on Monday instead of Sunday. For comparison: in the previous 25 years, only once the US Open climbed into the third week.

We knew about the possible rain on Saturday in advance - for this reason, the start of the semi-finals was postponed an hour ago in order to increase the chances of holding at least men's matches. However, this hour did not give anything: a heavy downpour ended at 19:40 Moscow time, and after 45 minutes Tomas Berdych and Andy Murray were able to start the meeting. The problems were not limited to the rain. It was an unusually windy day in New York, with gusts over 50-55 km / h. The wind blows with similar strength during tropical storms. In such cases, the US authorities issue a warning and advise people to stay at home. However, the organizers of the US Open could not afford to cancel the game day due to even the tropical wind, as the time frame is tight.

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Andy Murray (Great Britain, 3) - Tomas Berdych (Czech Republic, 6) - 5: 7, 6: 2, 6: 1, 7: 6 (9: 7).
David Ferrer (Spain, 4) - Novak Djokovic (Serbia, 2) - 5: 2, match postponed.

Murray, who reached the semifinals first, probably expected to see Roger Federer in his rivals / b>. But the Swiss unexpectedly yielded to Berdykh. It is unlikely that Andy was very happy, because his relationship with the Czech is not developing in the best way - only two wins in six matches. They played helmets once, and Tomas was stronger at Roland Garros 2010. However, the conditions of this match seemed to be much more suitable for Andy, because in such a wind, Tomas's main trump cards - serving and powerful blows from the right - worked with great error.

Already during the warm-up, the tennis players were able to appreciate the power of nature. The ball did not react to the directions and rotations given by the tennis players, but flew along a trajectory that mainly depended on gusts. Noise microphones, located around the perimeter of the site, transmitted a frightening hum, and things left on the chairs flew into the air every now and then. Many times during the match, the referee had to stop the rally, because various objects were flying around the court - pieces of paper, napkins, cardboard and towels for the players. Once the gust was so strong that it blew a chair and bags of racquets! Murray, Berdych and the referee Pascal Maria smiled and shook their heads, because they could not believe what was happening.

Of course, analyzing the course of the match, you have to return to the wind again and again. More precisely, not to return, but to speak of him as a full-fledged teachingmatch page. At first, no one was able to adapt to it, and tennis players who played in one of the halves were constantly losing games. The wind simply blew off the ball when tossing it up, as a result, the players were forced to toss the projectile several times, hoping that the wind would allow them to somehow enter the ball into the square. Of course, there were many doubles and innings, when the ball flew away to the background altogether. In the throw-overs on the back line, one constantly had to play harder, because gusts dramatically slowed down the speed, while the other, on the contrary, hit softer, as the wind itself threw the ball over the net.

It's difficult to talk about the quality of tennis in such conditions ... Berdych and Murray didn’t hit hard at all and were just trying to keep the ball in play, which was quite difficult, since even a well executed shot did not guarantee a hit. It was also not easy to hit the center of the racket: to read the wind and predict how it will change the flight of the ball in a split second before the impact, neither one nor the other could in the first set. As a result, tennis players either did not hit the ball at all, or they did it in such a way that the projectile flew far beyond the court. Oddly enough, Tomas was in no way inferior to Andy in such hold tennis, and in the end he strengthened the game a little and took the set. The match was stopped regularly, and the tennis itself was slow and stringy. As a result, the starting batch lasted 1 hour 15 minutes.

Murray: It's even hard for me to explain how to play in this weather. The ball is absolutely unpredictable in such conditions - it can stop, it can change its trajectory. It's very hard to play in this wind. You think about just getting on the court. Without a doubt, if we talk about the conditions, then this is one of the most difficult matches of my career.

Everything changed in the second set. For 2.5 sets, the Briton completely controlled the course of the match. It was he who first managed to accept the unusual conditions of the game and even begin to benefit from the wind. For example, a well-executed short cut was doubly dangerous on one of the court's halves - the ball, after touching the court, due to rotation and wind, lost speed and even bounced in the opposite direction. Murray was better at using slices and topspins, regularly forcing Berdych to play from an awkward position. In addition, he pulled the Czech to the net, which also brought results. When the situation permitted, Andy would attack or move forward. The Czech's serve did not pose any threat, as did his right hand. Tomas played in a more attacking manner, but in such weather he made mistakes too often - he had 64 inaccuracies in total. The Briton acted efficiently (as much as possible) and competently. In the third game, he not only did not lose a single point on his serve, but he never smeared the first ball, which in such weather is just a feat.

Andy confidently took two sets, led 3: 0 in third and had a double break point. It would seem that the end of the match is not far off. Tomas looked confused, and it was thought that he simply did not know how to turn the tide of the meeting. But Andy is not usedln was not the most difficult stroke, lost someone else's game, gave his serve and gave Berdykh a chance. The wind calmed down a bit, and this immediately affected Tomas's game. He began to play sharply at the reception, went branded powerful blows. Murray swore because he understood that literally one or two points were not enough for him to finally finish off his opponent. And now the Czech was trying with might and main to achieve the fifth game. And I was very close to this. In a tie-break, he took the lead 5: 2, but Andy, thanks to an excellent cross-country technique, leveled the position, and when the score was 5: 6 he fell under the back line and played the setball in the attack. In the end, Murray decided to hold the ball in the game, and Tomas made two mistakes, which led to Andy's victory - 5: 7, 6: 2, 6: 1, 7: 6 (9: 7). Despite the wind, the game turned out to be quite good, and many of the draws will surely fall into various charts. By the way, news agencies have already broadcast a fragment of Murray's post-match press conference, when the famous Scots entered the hall - Sir Sean Connery , known for his role as James Bond, and Sir Alex Ferguson , the head coach Manchester United.

David Ferrer and Novak Djokovic , who came out next to the court, managed to play only 30 minutes. A powerful thunderstorm was moving towards New York, and the organizers, together with the local police, decided to end the meeting in advance, without waiting for a downpour and, possibly, even stronger winds. All spectators were asked to leave the stadium as soon as possible, as it was unsafe to stay. In these half an hour, Ferrer showed a very high-quality tennis and immediately adapted to the conditions, while Novak made a lot of mistakes. As a result, David led 5: 2 with a double break. The match should continue at 19:00 Moscow time on September 9, and the women's final, which was postponed to the next day at the beginning of the game between Berdykh and Murray, is scheduled for 0:30. The men's final for the fifth time in a row is due on Monday. The game is set at midnight.

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