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'If glasses were sold, Gulbis would be the first'

On June 28, rain again became one of the heroes of the day at Wimbledon. All the second round matches have been completed, and some tennis players have already managed to reach the second week. We bring to your attention the brightest statements of the players.

10. Kerber and Kanepi's game

Defeat Angelica Kerber from Estonian Kaia Kanepi is formally a surprise, since Kerber is in the top 10. In addition, the German defended her semi-final. In the tie-break of the second set, she was leading 5: 1, but could not put the squeeze on the Estonian. I had chances, but I failed to realize them. Maybe I should have played more aggressively in one or two rallies, but in the decisive moments of the second set, my opponent played very confidently. As for the third installment, it acted just amazingly, and I couldn't help it.

9. Dimitrov and personal life

At a press conference after the defeat from Greg Zhemli, Grigor Dimitrov was asked about the statement of Serena Williams . Recall that the American woman, speaking of a guy with a black heart, was hinting, apparently, at a Bulgarian. You say someone called my heart black? I have no idea. Actually, I do not want to discuss personal life with you. I came to the press conference to talk about slippery courts, injuries and multiple rejections.

8. Haas and the flag

Tommy Haas , who has always played for Germany, said that he would not mind playing under the German-American flag. In 2010, after Tommy received American citizenship, the US flag was on his profile on the ATP website, but it was soon replaced by a German one. If there was a united flag, then I would represent two countries. But this is impossible. I have been playing for Germany for too long, so I will continue to play for this country.

7. Larscher de Brito and attention

Michelle Larcher de Brito admitted that the increased attention to her person after meeting with Maria Sharapova prevented her from third circle. Let's remind that the Portuguese on Friday lost in two sets to a much less formidable Karin Knapp . At some point, I just had to turn off my phone. After the match with Maria, I talked to the press for almost an hour and a half. I trained and tried to just not think about defeating Maria. Apparently, then I did not even realize the importance of success.

6. Nishikori and the Dream

Kei Nishikori became the hero of the column from the tournament sponsor and took part in the blitz. Federer was my biggest influence growing up. He is still my idol. For me, he is the best player in tennis history. I usually train 4-5 hours a day, but during tournaments 2 hours. Favorite food? Grapefruit. What do I have to sacrifice? I don't eat cakes and sweets. Tennis dream? Win a Grand Slam Tournament.

5. Meltzer and differences from Federer

Jürgen Meltzer after defeating Sergei Stakhovsky in an ironic style answered the question of why he managed to make what is not onshone all around earlier at Roger Federer . “What is the secret of my victory? I just stepped onto the court and showed him that I am not Federer and that I am able to hold my serve and also successfully reach the net. ”

4. Zemlya and Shouts of Sharapova

Greg Zhemla admitted that he had heard "kamon" and other shouts of Maria Sharapova during the match with Dimitrov. The Slovenian said that he did not like it very much. “Yes, several times I heard her screaming behind me. To be honest, it was not very pleasant! True, she did this at the end of the rallies, and not during “.

3. Stakhovsky and emotions

Sergei Stakhovsky said that he had not been able to morally move away from the game with Federer. “I think I was slow to enter the match due to the fact that I was still overwhelmed with emotions after playing with Roger. After that match, I expected myself to play a little differently. I was not ready mentally. But no one will take away my victory over Federer. If asked if I agree to win against him and lose in the next round, I will not hesitate to agree. ”

2. Tomic and Federer

Bernarad Tomic believes that the defeat of Rafael Nadal may have prevented Roger Federer . “I think a lot of people were happy about Nadal's defeat. I think Federer was very happy. Perhaps he was already thinking about the next rounds, but suddenly everything turned out badly for him early on. There is no need to think too far, you need to concentrate on each specific match, in this case there are more chances to succeed. "

1. Haas and money

Tommy Haas said that he was tired of talking about his injuries and age. In addition, he joked that if glasses could be bought, then Ernest Gulbis would take the first place. Note that his father is one of the richest people in Latvia. “To be honest, I'm so tired of talking about my injuries. Now I play good tennis. Yes, I'm 35. I can't do anything about it. I am in the final stages of my career. It doesn't matter when you step out on the court. I do not start a game with 15: 0 or 30: 0, because I am 35. Like everyone else, I have to win games, sets and matches. Five operations give me no advantage. You have to earn everything. You cannot buy points to rise in the ranking. It's impossible. Otherwise, Gulbis would have become the first racket in the world. ”

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