Ana Ivanovic : Former Serbian Player who ruled the tennis World with her Beauty|वनइंडिया हिंदी

Ivanovic: tennis in Serbia has become very popular

Observing the tradition of the starting day of the WTA tournaments in recent years, the Olympic Stadium once again hosted the All-access hour with the participation of the first four seeded Kremlin Cup in women's singles. One of the representatives of this four was the Serbian Ana Ivanovic .

- Ana, please compare the first three rackets of the world. When your compatriot Elena Yankovich was her, everyone said that she had no weak points; then the same was said about Caroline Wozniacki. Now they speak in the same spirit about Victoria Azarenka. Can you compare their playing style, style and highlight their strengths and weaknesses?
- I think that everyone who becomes the first racket of the world deserves this place in the rating list. At the same time, Azarenka's style of play, in my opinion, differs from tennis, which

was shown by Wozniacki and Jankovic. They practically did not make mistakes, hitting all the balls, but there were no really powerful, punching strikes in their arsenal. Azarenka is also very stable now, but she is much better offensively.

- It seems that recently in some matches you are showing tennis, which is close in level to your best game since winning on Roland Garros - 2008 and the first place in the rating list, but you do not manage to act consistently at this level. Do you agree with this assessment and what do you see as the reason why you fail to show such good tennis regularly?
- I lack stability at a high level a little. This year I won a lot of matches, but I could not show good tennis in fights with top tennis players. I think I'm not confident enough in my abilities when I go out on the court against such rivals. But I hope that next year I will be able to overcome this barrier; anyway, this is one of my main goals for the season. I want to successfully compete in major competitions, including Grand Slam tournaments.

- For the first time in history, the Serbian national team made it to the Fed Cup final. What are your feelings before this confrontation and how would you assess the teams' chances of winning?
- We can say that our dream has come true. We are very glad that we managed to make it to the final, managed to win a tough semifinal match against the Russian national team. Now we have to play in the final, which is only a couple of weeks away. If we manage to win, repeat the results of the guys in the Davis Cup - 2010, then it will be


- You have come to Moscow only once. What is the reason for such a rare visit to the Russian capital and can we say that now you have come here largely thanks to the positive emotions you received in the Federation Cup semifinals?
- (Immediately after the start of translation into English, Ana corrects: I've been here twice. No, even three times taking into account the Federation Cup.) I really wanted to come back here, to this tournament. Of course, our victory in the Fed Cup semi-final was a great achievement, but in any case, I will always be pleased to returngo to Moscow. Our countries are similar, so everything here looks very familiar and familiar.

- Can you compare Megasport, which hosted the Federation Cup semi-final, and Olympic Sports Complex? Courts, training conditions and everything else.
- They are very different. We played there on clay, but here we played hard. It seems to me that the Olympic is much more, in any case, such a feeling is created. I really like it here, it's a great complex. True, when I was looking for where to train, I first discovered a figure skating rink - it was nice. But I did a training session in one of the halls, although I didn't have a lot of time to prepare.

- Ana, they say that your game depends a lot on your level of fitness. How do you assess the current season from this point of view, are you satisfied with how you planned it, how many tournaments have you played? And what percentage of the maximum would you rate your current form?
- I think now, actually at the end of the season, it is difficult to be perfectly ready. Perhaps I would like to play a little more tournaments this year, and perhaps I will do it next season.

Of course, raising your level of physical fitness is very important, since now tennis has become very expensive in physically: it requires serious strength and punching power.

- Have you made plans for the offseason? Where will you rest and will your team remain the same or will there be any changes in it?
- Well, I always have a coach, sparring partner and fitness coach with me. I am going to spend half of the preparations for the new season at home and half in Dubai.

- We can say that due to the success of Serbian tennis in the last five to six years, it has become the most popular sport in your country. And to what extent do successes in the Davis Cup and Fed Cup increase his popularity?
- Of course, football is still strong, but the victory of the guys in the Davis Cup was a very significant event for the whole of Serbia. The fact that we reached the Fed Cup final is also very cool. But besides that, we have a lot of top players - and what Novak did last year, still raised tennis to the first position in Serbia; at least it seems to me so. Tennis has become very popular in our country, and now playing it, one might say, is fashionable and stylish.

- Becoming the first racket in the world, you have received many contracts, including for clothes. What is your personal attitude to clothing, which brands do you like best?
- I like Matthew Williamson. Of course, I love different shoes. But mostly I order all things from the online stores, because I just don't have time to get out somewhere (laughs) .

- Returning to the Cup semi-finals Federation, tell me, where did you celebrate that victory over the Russian national team and will you go to the same place if you win the Kremlin Cup?
- I am still trying to recover after that celebration (laughs) . In fact then we wentto a Serbian restaurant and celebrated the victory well. Serbian music was played there, there was Serbian cuisine ... That night we did not sleep at all, because early in the morning we had to fly to the tournament in Stuttgart. So we celebrated and danced all night.


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