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Khachanov: in tennis everything depends only on you

17-year-old Russian Karen Khachanov , who received a special invitation from the organizers to the Kremlin Cup, defeated the third seeded Yanko Tipsarevich in the second round match. After the meeting, the tennis player talked about his first entry into the quarterfinals of the ATP tournament, the next opponent and another.

- Karen, could you imagine in the middle of this season that by the fall you will have professional glasses, professional rating and you will reach the quarterfinals of the ATP tournament?
- Of course I could! (Laughs.) We must always hope for the best. Tennis is such a sport that you can lose in one tournament in the first round and win the next. It all depends on you, how you are ready, what you

can show.

- Who was more involved in developing the game plan - Vedran Martic or your Russian coach?
- I am currently working with Martich, we live together here in a hotel, so he explained to me the tactics for the match yesterday.

- What was it? b>
- I heard that he was injured, and I noticed it myself in the first game. It was hard for me because there was no rhythm in our match. He tried to score from the first goal, served well. I had to change tactics during the game. The serve saved me again.

- Immediately after the match, Yanko told you something animatedly at the net. Can you tell me what you were talking about?
- Yes. I asked him: Do you remember me ?. The fact is that two years ago I here, at the Kremlin Cup, warmed up him all week, and that time he won the tournament. Yanko replied: Yes, of course I remember.

Congratulations, you play well. Then I asked: What's wrong with your leg? He said: Small trauma, but don't think about it. Congratulations.

- And yet you showed great tennis, or was your opponent unable to play his strength due to injury or other reasons?
- I can't say so unambiguously. The winner is not blamed (laughs) . Of course, he played not the best tennis today, and I saw it. That is why I was not so happy after the victory.

- You will have a day of rest, and your future rival - Ivo Karlovich or Denis Istomin - will play their match tomorrow. Will this fact help you? Will you watch their match?
- Yes, my coach and I will watch this match, discuss their tactics, how they play. I think that one day of rest will be enough for me, I will have time to recover.

- Not all official data contain a column about your height and weight. Can you tell us?
- My height is 199 cm, and the weight on the official website

is incorrect. It says 88 kg, but I weigh 82 kg.

- You were included in the Davis Cup team for the match against South Africa. What are your emotions about this?
- I am very pleased that I was invited to the national team, to be in the team and to represent Russia not in juniors, but at the adult level. This is a very great experience. If they put me on to play any match, I will be glad.

- Whom would you prefer to play in the quarterfinals with - Istomin or Karloviwhat?
- These are players of different styles. It's hard to catch the rhythm with Karlovic, because he serves very well. The main thing here is to accept his serve, and then he will either get it or not. We call Istomin a professor - a tennis professor. He knows when and how to play, where to direct the ball, when and what to do. You will have to run a lot with him. I would like to play with Istomin more, it will be more interesting.

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