Kiryos could have crippled someone. Dangerous blows of the scandalous Australian

Walking scandal

Nick Kiryos and scandalous situations are inseparable. Probably, all the fans, tennis players and judges are already used to the fact that a talented Australian does not recognize any rules and authorities. Of course, he respects someone - for example, Roger Federer and Andy Murray - but because he decided so, and not because this is the opinion of the majority. Nick didn't care about public opinion, including his own opinion.

He repeatedly entered into skirmishes with the audience, allowing himself to send one of them to hell, advising not to go to his matches when the fans were unhappy that Kiryos openly did not want to play, and so on. He also infuriated rivals more than once - then during the match he informed the Swiss Stan Wawrinka that his girlfriend had slept with another Australian tennis player, Tanasi Kokkinakis, then he went through many players in interviews. In mid-May, for example, Nick said that he was sick of Novak Djokovic, and about Rafael Nadal he spoke like this: Rafa is my complete opposite. And very suspicious. When he wins, everything is in order for him: he is happy with everything and will even praise his opponent. But as soon as I beat him, it turns out that I do not respect him, nor the fans, nor the game.

Kiryos could have crippled someone. Dangerous blows of the scandalous Australian

What Kiryos wants ? The tennis clown made a row and was expelled from Rome

The Australian once again found himself in the center of a scandal. He kicked the bottle, threw a chair and left the court even before his disqualification was announced.

Kiryos almost hit Nadal below the belt

In the second round of Wimbledon, Nick for the first time since This interview met with one of the tennis players mentioned in it - Rafael Nadal. Before that, the Australian managed to get disqualified at the Masters in Rome for a chair thrown in the middle of the court and other antisocial elements of behavior, to withdraw from Roland Garros, who shortly before called him suck, to quarrel with the judges and fans in London and lose a set in the starting circle of Wimbledon ... However, Kiryos took the decisive game confidently and escaped punishment for the lack of will to win and professionalism on the court, which befell another scandalous Australian - Bernard Tomic. As a reminder, they took away all the prize money for the first round.

Kiryos could have crippled someone. Dangerous blows of the scandalous Australian

Another tennis player was robbed of money for his defeat. It's just a mafia!

A new robbery happened at the oldest tennis tournament. The organizers of Wimbledon decided that the loser did not meet the standards.

During the match with Nadal, Kiryos also scored an ace with a bottom serve, which is not surprising - this is not the first time he has done this - and a sharp blow from the back line to the Spaniard in the body. The ball, of course, and not a racket or something else, but nonetheless. Raphael managed to substitute his racket,so that the ball did not hit him, but he flew straight into the lower abdomen or even the groin. Nadal looked at his opponent, expecting an apology, but did not wait for them and was clearly not happy with this behavior.

money, I will not apologize

Why should I apologize? I didn't hit it at all, the ball hit the racket, no? Why should I apologize? I won that point. Did Rafa look displeased? So what? I do not care. This guy has so many titles on Helmets. How much money does he have? I think he can take the ball and chest, bro. I will not apologize. I tried to get into it. Yes, I wanted to hit him right in the chest, - so Kiryos spoke at a press conference. Perhaps he wanted additional shocking, or maybe he really aimed directly at Nadal. With Nick, you never know for sure. In any case, if in doubles such strikes happen quite often, since the four players converge in battles directly at the net, then alone it happens much less often - and, according to tennis ethics, it is customary to apologize after that. But, of course, adherence to ethics is also not about Kiryos.

Raphael himself noted that he is not angry with Nick and, being a professional, knows how to dodge such attacks, but believes that the consequences could be more dire. When he hits the ball like that, it's dangerous. It is dangerous not for me, but for the line referee, for the audience. When you hit like that, you don't know where the ball will fly. What if he got into someone's eye? He could have crippled someone.

Nadal: what if Kiryos got in someone's eye?

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So much importance is attached to this episode of the game - well, yes, somewhere sports anger says (in games without it, there is no way) , to put it simply, he just laughed it off.

Nobody doubted that Nick was aiming to shoot Rafa. He was only saved by a good reaction.

No, well, in this case, I also don't see what to apologize for. I was playing from the baseline, Rafa ran to the net with a racket at his belt. Keep the racket in front of you, what does Kiryos have to do with it?

I love how Kirios plays. Unlike many others, his performance is fun to watch. He's like Ibrahimovic - you never know what you can do. And the way he plays at times is really beautiful.

For the first time I saw the most disgusting behavior on the court performed by Kiryos. It was just unpleasant to watch this clownery. But I always liked him! But today it was just disgusting!

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