Petra Kvitova vs Shuai Zhang - Round 4 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020

Kvitova: played not the final, but the fourth round match

Before the start of the Wimbledon tournament, Petra Kvitova was very cautiously ranked among the favorites of the second wave. Her brilliant play of the season and three won titles in Brisbane, Paris and Madrid, as well as reaching the semifinals of last year's Wimbledon, where she lost to the future champion - Serena Williams -

was simply obliged to assign the Czech tennis player the status of one of the contenders for the victory. However, Kvitova was not among the unconditional favorites. For some reason, fans and experts believed more in Williams, Jr., who barely appeared on the court after a one-year break. And in the final, everyone, from ordinary tennis lovers to all-knowing bookmakers, put their bets mainly on Maria Sharapova. It took Kvitova only an hour and a half to outplay the Russian woman and get the opportunity to lift the main Wimbledon trophy over her head. At the post-match press conference, the young champion, who has not yet fully recovered from her brilliant success, answered questions as briefly as possible. The talent just shown on the court, after the end of the final, met with his sister.

- Petra, you can describe today's match in a nutshell. How did you manage to cope with the game of your opponent?
- I had to play so as to create problems for her. I did it. Sometimes I couldn't serve. At these moments I needed to maintain psychological control over myself.

- Your father was delighted. Does he always cheer for you so recklessly?
- I think so. He cries with joy to this day. I have a feeling that after every match he cries ( smiles ).

- Tell us how the Wimbledon champion feels?
- Well, I still ... I cannot yet formulate my thoughts. This is something incredible. Probably, I will be able to realize all this only after some time.

- It looks like another star has lit up today. We hope that there will be many more such finals on your way.
- Do you think so? Well, great.

- You looked very focused today. How did you prepare for the match yesterday and this morning?
- I prepared in the same way as for all matches in this tournament. The coach told me that today I have a fourth round match. On the court I thought only about the next rally, but not about the fact that it was the final. Amazing how I did it?

- Can you reveal your pre-match plans? How did you want to play, how did you plan to serve, hit right, left?
- The main thing for me was to serve and receive. I know that she takes it very well, but then I also do it very well. And I also knew she was making a lot of double mistakes. Therefore, I was preparing for a quick game, such as in a duel with Azarenka.

- Is your victory today for you, for your country or for your family? Or maybe for everyone at once?
- Yes, for everyone at once. It's hard to put into words, but it's an amazing feeling.

- What is the difference between last year's tournament and victorythis year?
- Last year I didn't have much chance to win. Serena played excellently, and I was young and confident that I could not beat her. And today I felt that I could win.

- Have you already talked to Martina [Navratilova] or Yana [Novotnaya]?
- Yes, of course. They were very happy, and I cried with joy when I met them.

- Did this meeting mean a lot to you?
- Yes.

- Matchball. You are 24 meters from your opponent, looking at her and going to serve. What are you thinking at this moment? One serve and I'm a champion? The main thing is not to double? About what?
- I told myself that I served the whole match, and now I will. And at that moment, when the score was 40: 0, it looked like ... I don't even know ... I had to put an end to it, and I was sure that I would do it. But, of course, I did not think that I would be able to make an ace.

- What did you feel when you realized that it was an ace?
- It was a feeling of what something incredible happiness. Very unusual.

- How did you sleep yesterday?
- Very good.

- How did your father sleep?
- I don't know. Lately he has moved too often from place to place.

- You are the third winner of Wimbledon and are left-handed. What do you think about this? Do you think playing with the left hand is an advantage?
- Well, if there are only three of us, it’s unlikely (laughter) . I think our main advantage is in the serve. And in the course of the draws, most likely, not.

- How will you celebrate the victory? Are you planning to buy yourself something special with the prize money?
- I don't know yet. I haven't thought about it yet.

- How long will the celebration last?
- I don't know yet. We'll see.

- Will you go home?
- Yes, on Monday.

- Have you already prepared for the Champions Reception?
- Not yet. Just going.

- Will you dance?
- Dance? No, I can’t (the host notices that now they don’t dance at the reception) .

- Tell us about your dear Fulnek. What are people doing there? Farming?
- There are four tennis courts. In one of the newspapers or on the Internet, I read that a large screen was installed in the center of the city, and the townspeople followed my performances on it. I can’t even imagine what’s happening there now.

- What kind of meeting do you expect at home?
- Well, I don’t know. Did not think about it. But I look forward to meeting my family with great impatience.

- They'll probably be glad to see you too.
- That's for sure.

- Watch the men's final? Who will you root for?
- I don't know, but in any case I don't have a favorite there.

- What do you expect from this game?
- I think there will be open tennis with 50-50 odds.

- How do you plan to improve your game?
- I think I still have a lot of work to do. Over physical readiness, over serving. And above everything else.

- We saw that your father, friends, bras were rooting for youtya. Is your boyfriend here?
- No, he's at home.

- What is he doing there?
- I don't know. You'd better ask him.

- Your game is suitable for all surfaces. You can win on clay, hard and grass. This is your first Grand Slam title, but probably not your last. What do you think?
- I hope so. Of course, I try to play on all surfaces. My game is definitely improving, so we'll see. The future will show.

Petra Kvitova - Press Conference after Round 4 I Roland-Garros 2020

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