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Marat Safin finally 'burst through'

On Monday, April 7, the first day of official training took place on the clay court of the MCA Luzhniki before the Davis Cup quarterfinal match Russia - Czech Republic, scheduled for the coming weekend.

The Russians gathered almost in full force. The only thing missing was the triumphant Miami Nikolai Davydenko, whose arrival is expected only on Wednesday. When it was the turn of the guests to practice on the court, the Russian tennis players went together to one of the numerous Luzhnikov pitches to hold a friendly football match. And what can serve as the best relaxation for a single player, if not a team game ?!

Such matches as part of the training process are a well-known practice among tennis players who play football to relax and relieve tension, to improve the climate in team. Football as a team game allows you to feel the team spirit, cohesion and unity. That is why, on the eve of the Davis Cup, holding such matches is of particular importance. A cheerful and friendly atmosphere reigned on the pitch, it was noticeable that tennis players enjoyed the game, they behaved relaxed and at ease, every now and then making all sorts of jokes about their comrades. And, of course, there were goals in the match. Igor Andreev, Marat Safin and Dmitry Tursunov also managed to excel. Those who watched this unusual action also conveyed the good mood of the athletes.

The Czech team, meanwhile, was training in the gym of the sports complex. First, the 169th racket of the world came out onto the court, the colorful blond 26-year-old Lukash Dlugi and Pavel Vizner, who had an earring in his left ear. They played under the leadership of the captain of the national team Yaroslav Navratil. Czechs often exchanged remarks and laughed. When Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek approached the court (they apparently just arrived at the building of the sports complex, as they were dressed in jeans and jackets), the guys on the court became even more animated and began to actively discuss something. Unfortunately, the correspondent failed to understand the essence of the fascinating conversation in Czech.

Tomas and Radek, the two leading tennis players of the Czech national team, already trained in the next run. 22-year-old Tomasz Berdych is number 9 in the world ranking, and 29-year-old Radek Stepanek is number 28. The training was easy, it included a standard set of tennis players: playing on the back line, at the net, serving - receiving. After the training, the leader of the visiting team paid attention to the correspondent, answering several questions. Read this interview later.

Well, after the Czechs, it was the turn of the Russians to go to court. This pair was made up of the rather slimmer Marat Safin and Dmitry Tursunov, who appeared in a new image, with a neatly trimmed beard. Andrey Olkhovsky and Alexander Volkov sparred with them. Dmitry, as always, pleased with his special sense of humor. Showing two bottles of liquids (red and yellow) to the doctor of the national team Sergei Yasnitsky, Tursunov asked: Which one gives the best right kick ?!

The training was intense, oneAz Dima even jokingly complained about his friend: I almost pulled my heel! And Marat even shouted in his hearts: Well, you just bounce just once, meaning the ball, of course.

During short breaks, when Marat and Dima drank water, Andrei Olkhovsky and Alexander Volkov got up on the court ... Let's play at each other, like in the good old days! - Andrey turned to Alexander. We will only change the right-left, - he added. As a result, left-handed Volkov played with his right hand, and right-handed Olkhovsky played with his left.

When Dima and Marat began to play at the score, Olkhovsky and Volkov took their places on the chairs for line judges. And the team captain Shamil Tarpishchev climbed onto the referee's tower, from which he periodically gave recommendations. Shamil Anvyarovich also joked to match his charges. Stability is a sign of class! - this is how Tarpishchev reacted to the fact that Tursunov hit the net several times in a row.

During the game, Marat turned to the doctor: Doc! My corn is completely erased !. Tursunov was not without a joke here too. After losing a point, he shouted to Safin: He lured me into a trap with his corn! The tie-break meeting ended in favor of Marat. Someone from the national team joked: Finally, he broke through after Australia, referring to the protracted series of defeats of the ex-first racket of the world in tournaments after the first round of the Australian Open-2008, where he beat Latvian Ernest Gulbis. However, this series is unlikely to last further, since Marat was close to success more than once in those matches that he lost. And even more so this does not apply to the Davis Cup, where Safin usually transforms, and is ready to defeat anyone.

Mikhail Youzhny and the 213rd racket of the world Alexander Kudryavtsev entered the court as the second team. Sasha, although not a member of the national team, participates in the training process and contributes to the preparation for the official matches. It is not surprising that Yuzhny trains with Kudryavtsev. They performed together in pair competitions in Indian Chennai and now maintain friendly relations.

Yuzhny came with his girlfriend Julia, who accompanies him to tournaments and training. Mikhail was on the side of his permanent mentor Boris Sobkin, and on the side of Alexander was his coach Vadim Davletshin, who helped the players.

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