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Miami won't be there either! Tennis players in vain flew to the USA

Double Sunset

The tennis calendar is rapidly emptying. Following the postponement of the Fed Cup final from mid-April for an indefinite period and the cancellation of the WTA International tournament in Prague, scheduled for the end of the same month, it became known about the cancellation of one of the largest ATP and WTA competitions - Miami. Earlier it was not possible to hold a similar tournament in Indian Wells. Each of them tacitly carries the title of the fifth Helmet for the 7-lap grid, impressive prize money and two weeks in the calendar instead of the usual one. And the victory in both tournaments in one season is called the Sunshine Double - the Sunshine Double, or, literally, the Double Sunshine. After the news about the cancellation of tournaments, one of the Twitter users noticed that this year it turned out to be a Sunset Double - that is, a Double Sunset.

Miami won't be there either! Tennis players in vain flew to the USA

Indian Wells Masters has been canceled. Will it get worse in the future?

The coronavirus has come to tennis in earnest. And, it seems, for a long time. Matches have already passed without spectators, now the cancellation of tournaments has begun.

With the announcement of the decision to cancel Miami, the organizers delayed the same as with Indian Wells. The tennis players came to California, waited for the draw, and only on the spot learned that the tournament was canceled. Some went to Miami, some stayed to train in California, and the clarity never came. All this happened amid news that the World Health Organization had declared a coronavirus pandemic. Some countries even before that switched to a closed regime - first of all, Italy, where at first they imposed restrictions on movement between regions, and now a red zone altogether: all shops are closed, except for supermarkets and pharmacies, people are prohibited from approaching each other closer than two meters ... Violation of this prohibition faces three months in prison. In Hungary, an emergency regime has been declared (although there are very few cases of cases relative to Italy), quarantine has been introduced in some regions of Spain, as well as in parts of the US states.

Djokovic advised everyone to return from the US to Europe as soon as possible

In the district in which Indian Wells is located, only one case of coronavirus infection was detected, after which the tournament was canceled, and in the district where the tournament is to be held in Miami, there are already several cases of the disease. Interestingly, Rafael Nadal flew home from the United States to Spain in advance. Meanwhile, three top 20 ATP players have approached the organizers of the Challenger Series in Lille, France to provide them with a wild card. Tennis players want to take part in these competitions in connection with the cancellation of the Masters in Indian Wells (USA) due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. True, the situation with the coronavirus in France is also far from favorable, so it's not a fact that these competitions will take place. It also became known that at the upcoming tournament in Guadalajara, due to the influx of people wishing to play, the grid was increased from 32 to 56 players.

The first racket of the world Novak Djokovic, on the eve of waiting for an official decision, expressed confidence that the tournament in Miami will not take place. The official confirmation of the WHO about the coronavirus pandemic means a global stop of transport and all events This is a state of emergency for the whole world. I do not see how the tournament in Miami can be held under these conditions. My advice to everyone who is now in the US is to return to Europe in the next 48 hours, maybe even earlier. Now I am in Los Angeles, but I'll cure tonight or tomorrow. Honestly, I don't know what might happen under the new circumstances. I don't know if we can play in Miami or other tournaments until WHO removes the pandemic statement. Without waiting for an official decision, the team Serb flew to Europe, as they wrote, on the last plane.

Tour can take pause for another 6 weeks. At least

A meeting of the players' council took place, at which, apparently, they discussed not only the cancellation of the competition in Florida, but also a break in the tour for six weeks from the moment of the proposed start of Miami. This means that there will also be no tournaments in Marrakech, Houston, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Budapest, Estoril and Munich. Immediately after, there are Masters in Madrid and Rome, the holding of which, given the current situation in Spain and especially in Italy, raises even more questions.

Miami won't be there either! Tennis players in vain flew to the USA

Status: postponed! When to expect the tennis season to resume?

The tennis world is still trying to comprehend the cancellation of Indian Wells, and now a similar fate befell the Fed Cup final in Hungary.

As a result of this meeting about the cancellation of the tournament in Miami was announced, among others, by the father of Fabio Fognini. And there was no official announcement for many hours after that, although it looked like just a denial (or rather, ignoring) the inevitable. Well, tennis players and tennis players are now going on unplanned vacations, although someone will try to play the Challengers - unless, of course, they are eventually canceled. In any case, it is already clear to everyone that tennis players flew in vain to the USA.

Miami won't be there either! Tennis players in vain flew to the USA

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