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Nikolay Davydenko: there was a fight for every ball

Nikolai Davydenko remained the only representative of Russia in the men's part of the Kremlin Cup, beating compatriot Igor Andreev in the quarterfinal match with a score of 7: 5, 7: 5. Davydenko appeared at the post-match press conference after a half-hour massage, and during it he was very much surprised by the journalists: you ask me such questions that I am in shock, - said the star of the national tennis to the question of a perspicacious journalist about who his brother showed his tongue to and coach Eduard Davydenko during the match.

- How did you manage to defeat Andreev in a seemingly equal game?
- Probably due to the class. Igor plays his tennis - he tries to attack. All I had to do was try to control the game, defend and counterattack. In the second set, physical fitness came to the fore, I moved well on the court. I was more fortunate, my concentration was better at the end of the sets.

- How did you manage to take the opponent's serve at the right moment?
- There was a struggle for every ball. Concentration and luck played the main role. It so happened that I got into the lines, which was confirmed by the repetitions that Andreev asked. Somewhere I was lucky, somewhere I played well. I think the match was not bad for me. The game was very serious. I have already lost to Igor once, so I am very pleased to level the score in face-to-face fights.

- Do you get the feeling that you have beaten the most dangerous opponent among all the quarterfinalists?
- I don't know how Tipsarevich is playing now - he still beat good players - Stepanek and Murray. I know he loves to play on the back line, but not like Andreev. Why I almost lost the first set - I had to adapt to the rebound - there is a strong rotation from the right and a very sharp rebound up when playing on the back line, but, losing 3: 5, I began to hold the ball better and was able to control the game.

- How will you recover from such a difficult match before the semifinal match, which will take place in less than a day?
- I have already recovered! Before talking to the press, I had a massage. Right now, of course, I'm not ready to play, but I will feel great by the semifinals.

- Who do you think the audience was more worried about, because there were two Russians playing?
- When concentration is very strong, you don't pay attention to the audience. It doesn't matter to me what is being shouted there - Kolya, Igor or Marat. When a tense moment in a match, you just switch off. You look at the ball and you don't care.

- Many people call you the main favorite of the tournament ...
- Well, who is in the top ten of the world? I am the fourth in the world, which means that I am a favorite at every tournament.

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