Coach Djoker: Novak Djokovic shares which rising tennis stars he would most like to tutor

'Novak will set himself up to win like never before'

Very little is left before the start of the last Grand Slam tournament of the season. Almost all of the world's top tennis players are already in New York and have their last training sessions before the start of matches. Former ninth racket of the world, famous Russian tennis player Andrey Chesnokov specially for analyzed men's and women's singles nets and named the main favorites to win.

- Andrey, you are always performed well at the US Open, however, they never made it to the decisive stages. What do you think of this tournament?
- This is the largest and most important tournament in the world for the whole of America. They believe that the US Open comes first, followed by all other competitions. I felt this because of the patriotism that Americans have. They understand that there is the Australian Open, there is Roland Garros and there is Wimbledon, but they are all in the background, and the main competition of the year is the US Open. I can also say that this tournament is very difficult. In New York, it can be quite hot in late August and early September. The temperature rises to '+ 35', plus hard, plus concrete around, plus you have to play five sets, so your sneakers literally melt and your legs fall off. Although, in the same Cincinnati or Indianapolis, the weather is not fresh at all, even worse. When you come to New York, you have to be well physically prepared if you want to count on something serious. Sometimes you fight not only against your opponent, but also against the weather. If you have to fight with a local tennis player, then also against a huge number of spectators in the stands. This is an extremely difficult tournament.

- Were you shocked by Maria Sharapova's refusal to participate in the US Open? Just before this news, she held another training session on the New York courts.
- No, not at all. There is nothing surprising if she has an injury. I know what trauma is, and I can understand it. In any case, Masha is such a great champion that if she could, she would definitely play. Alas, it so happened that now the doctors forbade her to go to the court. It shocked me when Rafa Nadal lost in the first round of Wimbledon to Steve Darcy or when he won two North American Masters after that.

- Without Maria Sharapova, at least seven Russians will compete in the women's singles tournament. In the first round, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova will fight Virginie Razzano. What are her chances of getting to Agnieszka Radwanska?
- Trying to predict Nastya's performance is simply pointless, because she is a very unstable player. During this American season, she had everything flying around the court - into strikeouts or into the net, but nothing hit the court. I think everything will depend on her. If she now has at least a little confidence in herself, then she is able to reach the third circle, but if she does not, then Nastya will easily fly at the start.

- Ekaterina Makarova will first fight Polona Herzog, after which Bettany will most likely be waiting for herMattek Sands.
- Katya has a good serve, and in general her game fits the American hard. I think she has a good grid and is able to perform well in this tournament. However, this competition is from the Grand Slam series, which means the first round will be very difficult for absolutely everyone. It often happens that you face great difficulties at the start, and then it becomes easier.

- Elena Vesnina, who received the 22nd seed, has no one to lose before a possible meeting with Sara Errani. Have you been in contact with Lena for a long time? How is she doing?
- If Annika Beck is in the main draw of the US Open, then she knows how to play tennis. Despite the fact that Lena is now highly ranked and performs well, she still needs to go to court and beat her rival. I agree that she has a very successful grid, but she still needs to play herself and win.

I haven't talked to Lena for a long time. The last time we spoke was during her birthday, August 1st. After that, she left to play tournaments. It is a pity that Agnieszka Radwanska refused to continue fighting at the tournament in Cincinnati after she had won against Lena.

- Maria Kirilenko was also relatively lucky with the net, but in the first round she will meet with Janina Wickmeyer, whom she lost not so long ago, is in Eastbourne, but which has been struggling lately.
- This Belgian is one of those tennis players who, if they start to hit the court, they cannot be stopped. In principle, Ioannina serves well and plays tightly on the back line, but she is very unstable. For Kirilenko, this is not a gift, but I think she must cope with her rival.

- Discussing the prospects of Svetlana Kuznetsova is a complete failure, but let's try. Let's start small - can she beat Mallory Burdette, the troublemaker in New York last year?
- It's always hard to play at someone's home. The host can show incredible tennis. Remember the notorious American Melanie Uden, who four years ago in New York made a lot of noise by knocking out half of the Russian girls from the fight, including Maria Sharapova. This is an indicator that any young player at home is able to perform successfully, inspiring the support of their native walls and stands. In general, almost all Americans play phenomenally at home tournaments, while at the rest they show very unstable results. The same can be said about the British, who earn their main points on the grass.

Burdette is not at all a gift for Sveta. I am not sure that Sveta will defeat her opponent one hundred percent. On the other hand, Kuznetsova has such experience and an arsenal of technical actions that she must pass the American.

- Nadezhda Petrova did not compete with Wimbledon, but here she was very lucky with the net. What do you think about that?
- To be honest, I would not say that she was lucky with the net. Rather, the girl who will play with Petrova is lucky. Nadia lately prenders completely expressionless tennis. This is not the same tennis player who was at the end of last season or a few years ago. At one time, she was in the top ten area and was able to beat even a top rival. Now she moves a little hard and plays very unstable. Nadia is more in tune with a couple. This is logical, because in doubles she has more chances to perform successfully than singles.

- Who are the main favorites to win - Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka? Do you think the Wimbledon story cannot be repeated this time?
- Without a doubt, Serena and Vika in the final is the most likely alignment of the final match. First Serena, then Vika, and only then do the rest. As for Wimbledon, the events that happened this year do not happen every day. I'm sure this is a thing of the past, and this will not happen again at the US Open.

Serena will definitely set herself up in the most serious way to win the title in New York. She is the first in the world today. It is very important for her to prove once again that she is absolutely the best at the moment, and not so much for herself as for all Americans.

- Alex Bogomolov performs successfully this summer, but with an opponent in the first round he was not too lucky - 24th seeded Benoit Peer. Does Alex have a chance to beat the Frenchman?
- Benoit is one of those tennis players who can bring a big surprise on their lucky day. He has been performing especially well lately. He now has a lot of self-confidence. He has improved especially noticeably in the class over the past year and a half. Of course, this is not a first round gift. Everything will depend on Peer, as he will lead the game in this match.

- Mikhail Youzhny will have to argue first with Nicolas May, and then, possibly, with Alexander Dolgopolov.
- Mayu is not the worst deal for the first round. The Frenchman's play is quite simple - good serve and access to the net. It seems to me that this style suits Misha, and he should pass Nicolas. As for Dolgopolov, it will be more difficult. Yuzhny himself is fine now, he is at ease. In theory, Misha should go through two laps, and then we'll see.

- Evgeny Donskoy got Jurgen Meltser at the start of the competition, who is still playing at the tournament in Winston-Salem.
- If the Austrian wins the title there, it will be more difficult for him to play against Donskoy. Usually, after a victory, everyone has some recession. I don't know, it seems to me that Donskoy urgently needs to improve physically, in stamina, as he is too fragile. Even if Meltzer loses the first two sets, he can still win in five games.

- Dmitry Tursunov is on top this summer, and in New York he was also lucky with the net. Until the third round, the opponents are relatively simple, and then a meeting with Richard Gasquet is possible, who is quite passable on the American hard.
- I agree that Mitya is now playing as a substitutecertainly. In the form in which he is, he has a great chance to go far on the grid. Tursunov is now in shape, and when he is in shape, he can beat almost any tennis player. During the American series, he has very good victories, so everything is in his hands.

- What do you think about the prospects of Andrey Kuznetsov? He did not play on the American hard this summer.
- I can not say anything. Even if he passes the first round, he will definitely lose in the second. I don't see him in the future at this US Open.

- Nikolai Davydenko, at the start, got a young American Ryan Williams, who was given a wild card by the organizers.
- Also very difficult to predict something. Now Davydenko is able to give in to anyone convenient. In his game, there are no longer those strong qualities that he possessed a few years ago. And physically he is not very well ready to hold five-set meetings, especially at the US Open. I don't know this American tennis player in the best way, so it is difficult to judge his competence. I hope Kolya will be able to show what he is capable of. If you pass the first round, you will get at least a little confidence.

- Who are the main favorites for the men's title?
- The main contenders are the Big Three, represented by Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. Roger Federer is now playing well below his previous level. Juan Martin del Potro and Tomas Berdych are also able to perform well. And yet, I think Djokovic and Nadal will meet in the final, and the Serbian tennis player will win. It has been a long time since Novak won major tournaments. If he faces Nadal in the finals, he will be in the mood for victory as never before.

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