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Pennetta: Safin is a really handsome guy

On Monday, at the Kremlin Cup, the traditional pre-tournament meeting of the first four seed numbers in the women's singles with journalists took place. The fourth racket of the competition Italian Flavia Penneta answered questions from the press, including talking about the upcoming Fed Cup final with the Americans, her attitude to football and her own attractiveness.

- A few days ago you lost your chance to get to Doha. Were you very upset or was it a nice bonus?
- I can say that, of course, I was upset that I did not get to Doha. I had a chance, but I didn't take it. But, in general, I can say that after the US Open everyone is kind of cooked, they play hard. Moreover, after that there was a trip to Asia, it is also very difficult to recuperate, because you need to make a long flight. I am very glad that I got into the top ten of the rating, no one from Italian tennis players before me has been able to. As for the end of the season, I will not rest now, because very soon we will play the Fed Cup final against the US team in Italy. Well, then I'll take a 10-day break.

- You are called one of the most beautiful and charming tennis players. How do you feel about this?
- I can say that it is always pleasant when someone compliments you that you are beautiful and all that. Appearance is important not only for personal careers, but also for sponsors and for all tennis. But recently, a lot of beautiful players have appeared, including those from Russia.

- You recently said that you like Marat Safin. You can go up to him and say: Why are you leaving tennis? Stay, play some more!
- ( Laughs. ) As for the beauty of Marat Safin, he is a really handsome guy, and you can see it. As for his decision to quit tennis, that is his choice, and he must be respected. He was just tired of the long years on Tours. I think he did a lot of good things for Russia, made Russia famous all over the world thanks to his tennis. I think that now he just wants to enjoy life, and I want to wish him to enjoy life when he retires from tennis.

- Many Russian tennis players use football as an additional preparation, workouts. Are you not offended that football is the number 1 sport in your country and that the public's attention to football players is much higher than to tennis players?
- I do not play football for training purposes. And in any case, it's great, because I play it very badly. As for the popularity of Italian football, it is obvious that in Italy football is the number one sport. However, as in many other countries. I do not feel any jealousy in this regard, they just play their game, and I play mine. And marketing in football is completely different than in tennis. I am glad that I do what I do.

- When you played in the Federation Cup against the Russian team, you said,that the Italians will definitely win, simply because the match is taking place in one of the most beautiful places in Italy - in Castellaneta Marina. The place where the meetings take place is of great importance to you?
- It was very important for us to choose the very place where we received the Russians - in a beautiful place called Castellaneta Marina. I like the atmosphere there, because before that we played several matches there and won too. In this case, we have an advantage when we accept rivals at home. And the same will happen for the final when we host the USA team. We will be playing in Reggio di Calabria, which is the perfect place for us. We will play outdoors on a slow clay court. This is best for us and worst for American women. Well, when you play away, you just have to adapt to the court that is.

- Last year, speaking in Moscow, you admitted that the coverage of the courts in Olimpiyskiy is not very good for you. like. The shoe's grip is strong and the court is slow. Now you have already managed to do several trainings - how would you rate the coverage this year?
- We just share our feelings and impressions regarding any court. This is all subjective opinion. Last year I did complain, but on the other hand, I played very well in Moscow. As for this year, I was training not on the center court, but on some other one. He was quite normal.

- What is your favorite Italian food?
- I love all Italian food, but especially pasta and salad.

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