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Schiavone: I live tennis

Francesca Schiavone continues to defend the title at Roland Garros. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova was close to stopping last year's champion, fought to the last, but failed to put the squeeze on her. It is clear that the Italian came to the post-match press conference in a good mood. Francesca analyzed the last match - and the reasons for the failure in the first set,

and all Pavlyuchenkova's games won in the third; she also talked about her emotional behavior on the court, the reasons why it is more difficult for young tennis players to break into the elite now than in the early 90s, and much more.

- Francesca, you are an adult woman .
- (with irony) Thank you (laughter) .

- You played with a girl, with a teenager who was recently a child. Nevertheless, at the end of the match you seemed to have more energy and even enthusiasm than hers.
- No, no, she also played great until the last ball, and she also had a reserve of strength. We were both willing to do something more. Probably, in the very ending, I played a little better than her. This often happens, I get turned on during the match. I started the game very slowly, too slowly. However, by the end of the match, I felt much better.

- There was some kind of rally in this match, after which you thought that the critical moment was passed and now it will be easier for you, even if you end up will you lose?
- Yes, to some extent, yes. When I got back 1: 4 in the second set and took it, I knew that I needed to tune in for another 45 minutes of the game. And maybe more. I was ready to play more.

- You had some problems getting into the game. Can you explain why? Then, in the second set, you improved your tennis. When did you feel that something clicked, that all your shots hit the court?
- At the beginning of the match, I absolutely could not screw the ball into the court. I could not play in the court, play along the lines. I tried to keep my games, but I was let down by the low percentage of the first serve. After losing the set with a score of 1: 6, I said to myself: Just keep trying. I needed to deliver

four, five, six, seven accurate punches in a row - but I couldn't even complete three. However, this phrase worked - this is how you need to go to victory and in general to any goal - to keep trying. If I went to the net with every hit, I would have no chance of winning. After the score 1: 4 in the second set, I had two good games. After that, the level of her tennis dropped a little, and I thought: If I am destined to lose, then I need to do it with dignity. But if I have a chance to win, then I'm moving in the right direction.

- What did you think when in the decisive set she equalized the score with 1: 5?
- Let's break it down into games. At 5: 1 in my favor, I played downwind. The wind was strong, and it was very difficult to move against the wind. I told myself that I have a good chance. When the score was 0:15, she served from the second ball, and I tried to take with the forhend on the line right through - but slightly wrong in length. Then she played some good games, and I didn't press hard enough on her, and the score became 5: 2. On the other side, it was already difficult for me to play because of the wind. She began to act a little better, and I - a little worse. That was enough for her to take two more games in a row.

After that I went out to serve for the match with the score 5: 4, serve downwind. This was a good chance. I served well, but she played just fine. In that game, she was better than me - she knocked me off the court with her forehand and constantly played me to the backhand. And then ... She probably lacked experience. I think today my thirty years helped me (laughter) .

- At the end of the third set, you started to doubt your abilities?
- No, because I did not play badly, but she played well. But I told myself that I had no right to go from serve to the net or do anything weird on the court. It was necessary to play deep, twist the ball well and, if possible, enter the court.

- A question about you and your game. You are very expressive, always emotionally happy, upset - perhaps the most in tennis. Your emotions are always in sight. Is this an integral part of your character?
- Yes. I live tennis and love it because I can express all my feelings in it. And joy, and sadness, and enjoyment of victories - everything. I am open, transparent, so you can see how I play and how I feel. Perhaps I should have kept a little more to myself. But I'm working on myself (smiles) . And yes, off the court I am also emotional.
I enjoy playing tennis. Today I was losing 1: 6, 1: 4, but I didn’t give up. I kept on fighting. And of course, at the end of the match, I enjoyed the game a little more

than at the beginning.

- It wasn't that long ago when the Tour was dominated by teenagers - Steffi Graf , Monica Seles, Martina Hingis and others. Now it seems that experienced players, such as you, for example, are achieving the best results. Why do you think this happened?
- Because now everyone is really well prepared physically and can withstand matches of any duration and intensity on any surface. Young players appear now, but it is already harder for them to win. Therefore, either very talented young tennis players or those who are 28-30 years old win - due to experience and psychology. So it's much harder for the young now than before.

- Leaving the court, you touched the ground with your hand, and then kissed the palm. What did that mean?
- I just couldn't get down on the court. My legs hurt, so I thanked the court this way. The kiss was related to the ground, to the ground.

- Can you explain why the course of women's matches so often flips? We saw how Sharapova played in the match with Radwanska, Rus in the match with Kim, you are in this game.
- I think this happens in men's tennis too. Yes, in women's tennis matches are often lost from the score, for example, 5: 3 inthird set. But in men this also happens, albeit less often. It's just, you know, it's one thing when a two-meter player serves at a speed of over 200 km / h, and another thing is me, with 166 centimeters in height and 60 kilograms (laughter in the hall) .

And the ground gives you more chances to win back. More than grass or hard. It is imperative to fight here, to give all the best to the last point.

Francesca Schiavone VS Svetlana Kuznetsova Highlight 2015

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