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Sharapova creates cars and clothes. Why would she waste time playing tennis?

Sugarpova and the development of sports uniforms

Maria Sharapova has long been engaged in various things that are not related to tennis. For many years, sweets under the Sugarpova brand have been successfully produced and sold, bringing serious money to the Russian woman. Maria's other interests include design and contemporary art. True, unlike sweets, this does not bring her money, but, on the contrary, requires certain expenses - but, of course, Sharapova can easily afford it.

Sharapova creates cars and clothes. Why would she waste time playing tennis?

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The Russian woman has been taking part in the design of her sports uniform for many years, since Nike gave her such an opportunity. This is nothing new to sports superstars - for example, Serena and Venus Williams have also been designing their dresses and other outfits on and off the court for a long time. Even earlier, Maria became interested in contemporary art - she acquired the first paintings in the style of abstract painting in her teens, after winning at Wimbledon-2004. And now the personal life of the Russian woman is connected with the world of art and exhibitions. After relationships with athletes - Slovenian basketball player Sasha Vuyachich and Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov - Sharapova is now meeting with British millionaire Alexander Gilkes , with whom she often visits various unusual exhibitions and museums.

Porsche from Sharapova in Sochi

Among those created with the assistance of Maria is, for example, a Porsche car. She became the ambassador of this brand in 2013, and before the start of the Sochi Olympics, she presented her personalized model. Of course, not everything in her design was developed by Sharapova herself, but she made a significant contribution to the appearance of the car. In the spring of 2018, the Nike sneakers designed by Maria appeared on the market - not tennis, but ordinary ones, suitable for leisurely walks. The Russian woman herself noted that she was inspired by morning walks along the coast on the way to training.

Sharapova announced her desire to master the profession of a designer back in 2009, having flown to South America for a series of exhibition matches with the Argentinean Gisela Dulko . Then it looked like plans that will be implemented after the end of a career, but in the end everything turned out differently. In addition, at that time, Maria assumed that she would also end her tennis career earlier - after ten years on the tour, she definitely could not imagine herself. However, injuries and disqualification helped Sharapova realize that she misses tennis, being out of court for a long time, so she is in no hurry to leave. But he successfully combines different types ofactivities. By the way, in 2016 she completed a two-week course at Harvard Business School, which helps her navigate how to develop her business. And, of course, Max Eisenbad , an agent who has been working with Maria for the second decade, also helps.

Maria created her house by the Pacific Ocean

In the fall of 2017 it became known that Sharapova, together with the American architect Dan Mace , will be engaged in the design of fitness centers and tennis courts near hotels around the world - primarily in various resorts. And now Maria herself was engaged in all the design details of her home on the Pacific coast in Los Angeles. Of course, professional architects and designers worked on it, but the final decisions on all issues were approved by Sharapova, so that the house and all the space in it look exactly as the Russian woman wanted. Maria notes that she was inspired by Japanese architecture and minimalist aesthetics and that she always liked the absence of unnecessary things.

Most of the rooms are designed so as not to carry specific functionality - with the exception of the kitchen. There are two bowling alleys in the basement, next to which are paintings acquired by Sharapova in the middle of the 2000s. A narrow pool is located on the street close to the kitchen, which goes into the living room. There is also a corner of the Japanese garden with a pine tree and a fountain. In addition, the house has a lot of windows, due to which the space of the premises visually increases - and, of course, they are properly illuminated. Perhaps, finally putting the racket aside, Maria will really do the design professionally?

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