Sharapova's new attack on the first title in Miami

On Thursday in Miami, the composition of the women's final was determined, as well as the remaining semifinalists in the men's singles. The Russian Maria Sharapova also fought for the final match of the tournament. To get to the finals for the second tournament in a row, she needed to beat Caroline Wozniacki , and this meeting could well be considered the central one on this day.

WTA Premier Mandatory. Miami (USA). Sony Ericsson Open. Hard (open courts). Prize fund: $ 4,828,050.

Singles. 1/2 finals

Maria Sharapova (Russia, 2) - Karolina Wozniacki (Denmark, 4) - 4: 6, 6: 2, 6: 4.
Agnieszka Radwanska (Poland, 5) - Marion Bartoli (France, 7) - 6: 4, 6: 2.

The fact that Carolina was in the semifinals, with a certain stretch, could be called a surprise. In Indian Wells, she played frankly poorly, but, apparently, was able to draw certain conclusions and quickly gain the desired shape. In Miami, she confidently overcame the first stages, and in the quarterfinals, for the first time in her career, she beat Serena Williams , showing perhaps her best tennis this season. To beat Sharapova, Wozniacki needed to demonstrate him in the second match in a row, but she did not succeed.

Maria started the meeting well and soon had an advantage of two breaks - 4: 1. But then the Russian woman lost her attention a little from such a successful start and began to make many mistakes. As a result, Wozniacki first played one serve, and then completely evened the score, taking advantage of Maria's three double mistakes in the eighth game - 4: 4. Sharapova failed to stop her fall in the first set. Inaccuracy followed inaccuracy, and it ended up with Wozniacki adding two more to the three games won in a row, which meant her success in the first set - 6: 4.

But then Sharapova still pulled herself together and the next two the set was carried out with maximum concentration. She won the second game very confidently - 6: 2, without repeating the mistakes of the previous set with the score 4: 0. Maria looked very cool in the attack, and Wozniacki could not oppose anything to her. Perhaps, if the Danish was as reliable as in the match with Serena, the fight in this set would have turned out to be more stubborn, but Carolina herself was not so perfect. For this set, she made nine unforced mistakes - almost the same as in the entire match with Williams, and only two less than Sharapova. At the same time, Maria surpassed her rival by 12 active wins!

In the third set, the Russian woman hit the middle with shock. In the first games, Wozniacki still tried to resist and with great difficulty, but held on to her serve. However, with the score 2: 2, Maria managed to put the squeeze on Carolina with an excellent forehand along the line at the break point. Then Sharapova took the lead 5: 2 after the Danish made an unsuccessful short shot on the break ball.

Masters-1000. Miami (USA). Sony Ericsson Open. Hard (open courts). Prize fund: $ 3,973,050.

Singles. 1/4final
Juan Monaco (Argentina, 21) - Murdi Fish (USA, 8) - 6: 1, 6: 3.
Novak Djokovic (Serbia, 1) - David Ferrer (Spain, 5) - 6: 2, 7: 6 (7: 1).

Being in an almost hopeless situation, Carolina mobilized and played the next two games well, especially on the serve to the Russian woman, winning two goals cleanly and making Sharapova make a mistake twice ... But on the second attempt, Maria still applied for the match. Moreover, the ending of the match turned out to be very dramatic. On the matchball, the line referee screamed out after Sharapova's second serve, but the judge of the meeting from the tower Kader Nuni recorded a hit. Wozniacki had a completely different opinion, but since by this time she had no test balls left, she could only argue with the referee, who, of course, was not going to change his mind. As a result, Sharapova got the first ball and served perfectly, after which she had only to finish off the ball at the net. Frustrated, Carolina, emotionally, did not shake hands with the judge, although his decision, as shown by the replay for the viewers, was absolutely correct.

Carolina loves long rallies, and this is not my game. She can keep you hitting for hours because she's incredibly stable. This is what allowed her to be the first in the world for a long period of time. I'm an aggressive player. I love to hit the ball without the slightest hesitation. In the middle of the first set, I stopped doing it, which gave Carolina confidence for a comeback, but I am glad that I was able to get back on the right track and achieve victory, ”Sharapova said after the match.

In addition, Maria commented on the fact that she has not yet won a title in Miami, although she played in the finals three times: Losing the final is always disappointing, but you have to understand that the path to this match is very difficult and takes a lot of energy. I am very glad that I managed to earn another chance to win the title here. The tournament in Miami means a lot to me, because from an early age my family and I came here from Bradenton to watch the game of Evgeny Kafelnikov , Marcelo Rios or Monica Seles , and always dreamed of playing on these courts, not to mention being in the final.

In 2004, Sharapova lost in the final to Kim Clijsters , a year later - Svetlana Kuznetsova , and last season her offender was Victoria Azarenko . This time the opponent of the Russian woman will be Agnieszka Radwanska , who beat Marion Bartoli with a score of 6: 4, 6: 2. Their meeting was marked by a huge number of breaks (Agnieszka only held her serve three times, and Bartoli never), as well as a power outage at the stadium in the middle of the second set. By that time, Marion was injured and was playing with the tape on her left hip, so the pause could be in her favor, but after a 20-minute break with a 4: 2 score, Agnieszka quickly won two games in a row, ending the match in her favor.

The two men's quarterfinals were not as interesting as the day before. First raworld class Novak Djokovic in two sets secured the eighth victory of his career over David Ferrer . The reporting match turned out to be somewhat similar to their meeting two months ago at the Australian Open. In the first set, Djokovic outnumbered his opponent in the game on the back row and won the game quite quickly - 6: 2.

The second set began with Novak making another break (as at the Australian Open), but the game didn't end there, as one might think. Ferrer changed dramatically, seriously added in the accuracy of his blows and began to press down on Djokovic, who was forced to seriously retreat into defense. Ferrer quickly leveled the score, but when the tennis players reached the ninth game, there was not a trace of David's confident play - a number of his inaccuracies helped the Serb make a break and lead 5: 4. But finding himself in the position of the losing side, Ferrer added again and played his serve for the second time (and again, you can remember Melbourne). The rally was culminating with a score of 30:30 - David did everything possible to prevent the matchball and won the ball after Djokovic, under serious pressure from the opponent, flinched on his 21st shot in the draw. After that, the Spaniard realized a break-point on the courage, and as a result, the winner was determined in a tie-break, which Novak held more confidently - 7: 1.

Juan Monaco became the rival of Djokovic in the semifinals.>, beating Murdie Fish with surprising ease. The American, whose coach recently became the ex-first number of doubles rating Mark Knowles, made a lot of unforced mistakes with a small number of goals won (32 and 7, respectively), which did not allow him to confront the Argentine on equal terms - 1: 6, 3: 6.

The match between Djokovic and Monaco will take place on Friday, as will the second men's semi-final between Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray . In addition, on this day Maria Kirilenko and Nadezhda Petrova will play the semi-final in doubles against Vanya King and Monica Niculescu .

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