Svetlana Kuznetsova Vs Maria Sharapova Miami 2006 Final Highlights

Svetlana Kuznetsova: why complain about fate?

After the victory over her compatriot Vera Dushevina with a score of 6: 2, 6: 2 in the framework of the Kremlin Cup quarterfinals, the Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova became the third owner of the courts who managed to break into the top four at the current tournament.

- Sveta, how did you feel at the game today?
- I played quite comfortably and felt much better than after the first match.

- Justine Henin withdrew from the Kremlin Cup, although she continued to play in Stuttgart. How is this possible?
- Do not judge - and you will not be judged. I don't know the details. I only know that when I arrived in Beijing and filmed there, there was no penalty. Maybe these penalties are not important for Justine, she still has more prize money.

- Maybe she was saving her strength for the final tournament of the Masters series? Are you also going to skip tournaments in order to better prepare for it?
- But there are still 3 weeks before it. This is a lot. And I prefer to play tournaments than train 5 hours a day. Justine doesn't play a lot of tournaments, but he plays great nonetheless. I will not go to the next tournament only if there are injuries.

- Do you feel tired at the end of the year?
- You are tired, every day you think about where to go on vacation.

- Are you already used to these balls and this court?
- Yes, compared to the first match, it's day and night. To get used to the rebound, the balls, after the three-set match I went to train. I trained a lot yesterday, and today, although there is fatigue. But I prefer to be tired, but it's comfortable to play.

- Who would you rather play with in the semifinals: Serena Williams or Nicole Vaidishova?

- I always say that I prefer to play with the winner of the match. With the one who is stronger, who is more interesting. It will be a very tough match anyway. I played with Nicole 3 times and won all 3 times. Lost in the third set with a break, but pulled out matches. She is a very dangerous and unpredictable player. Serena is gaining shape with every match. She can play very well in important matches.

- How do you assess this year?
- Summing up, I simply have no right to say that something was bad ... Why complain about fate if I am the second racket in the world? And I will be very happy to finish the second year. And this step, which remains for me to take before Justine, is the most difficult. These are the matches that I have not won this year. But you need to step on yourself and learn to overcome key points. Justine is the pinnacle of women's tennis today. She plays great all the time. She won't give you anything, you have to take it yourself. And the main thing that I know: I can take.

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