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The anti-record of the century in Russian tennis. Girls what's going on?

Among the 32 best tennis players at Wimbledon-2019, there was not a single Russian woman. The Grand Slam tournament lasts only four days, and Russian fans are already deprived of the opportunity to worry about their own in the women's singles. It seems that this has not happened for a very long time, and statistics confirm this. The previous time, all Russians dropped out of the fight for the title at the Grand Slam competitions until the third round in the last century.

Then, in 2000, Russian women's tennis was on the verge of a grandiose breakthrough. Will Wimbledon-2019, unsuccessful for our girls, become a symbol of the end of a golden era?

Or is it just an unfortunate accident and the Russians will soon dominate the major tournaments again, terrifying their rivals?

The anti-record of the century in Russian tennis. Girls what's going on?

10 reasons to follow Wimbledon

Second roof, return of Sharapova and Murray, favorites Djokovic, Federer and Nadal, as well as the attempt of the young to move them.

The whole palette of defeats

There were 11 Russian tennis players in the Wimbledon main draw. Only the USA received wider representation - 19 athletes. Considering that only Daria Kasatkina was among the 32 seeded, there was no reason to expect a massive advance of Russian women on the grid. Nevertheless, the participation of several experienced and titled tennis players in the tournament at once allowed the fans to hope that at least one athlete flying the Russian flag would reach at least the second week.

Four Russian women managed to overcome the first round barrier, but neither Kasatkina, nor Svetlana Kuznetsova, nor Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova were among them. The most sensational and resonant was the defeat of Maria Sharapova from the 88th racket of the world, Frenchwoman Pauline Parmentier. The 15-year-old Wimbledon champion was in two draws from victory, but eventually refused to continue the fight due to injury, losing 0: 5 in the third set.

The anti-record of the century in Russian tennis. Girls what's going on?

It hurts to watch. Maria Sharapova finished an almost won match ahead of schedule

In the third set, she simply left the court.

In the second round, in all matches with the participation of Russians, their opponents were considered favorites. Margarita Gasparyan came closest to refuting the predictions. The Muscovite played great against the eighth racket of the world, Ukrainian Elina Svitolina, but the convulsions that arose in the second game forced her to stop fighting ahead of schedule. Thus, after three days of play, Russia's only hope at the women's Wimbledon was Varvara Flink, who made her way to the main draw through qualification, but Vara did not succeed in opposing the strong German Julia Görges.

Series from the last century

Recently, Russian women's tennis pleases with big victories not as often as before. But such that not a single Russian woman could win two matches at the Grand Slam tournament was not for a very long time. More precisely - 19 years old! At Roland Garros 2000 younine Russian women walked. Elena Dementieva and Anna Kournikova managed to reach the second round, but the future Olympic champion withdrew, and Kournikova lost to the Austrian Sylvia Plischka.

Since then, at least one Russian tennis player has been a participant in the third round of the Grand Slam competition for 76 tournaments ... Eight of them ended with victories of our athletes. Six times by the third lap, only one Russian woman remained in the grid - four times it happened at Wimbledon and twice at the Australian Open.

Are we expecting a new rise?

It is clear that each of the 11 Russian participants Wimbledon causes their defeats. Someone was prevented by injuries, someone is now far from optimal shape, and some of them are not yet allowed to compete with top players by the difference in class. Specialists should engage in a serious analysis of the situation, and it is too early to draw conclusions based on one unsuccessful tournament. In addition, it was Wimbledon that has always been considered the least successful helmet for Russia.

No matter how sad it may be, in Russia now there is not a single tennis player showing consistently high results. Only Daria Kasatkina is in the top 30 of the WTA rating, who after her failure at Wimbledon will drop to the end of the top 40. It is possible that at the US Open there will not be any seeded Russian women at all. A couple of years ago, it seemed unrealistic.

We can only hope that Russian women's tennis will be able to survive the recession and return to its former heights thanks to new heroes. Such as Karen Khachanov and Daniil Medvedev in men.

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