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The girl who conquered the world. Anna Kournikova is again the most beautiful

The world star and one of the sexiest tennis players on the planet has starred for the Russian issue of Cosmopolitan. The magazine called the athlete the girl who conquered the world. Throughout her career, the tennis player has not won a single adult professional tournament, but still holds a special place in the world of big-time sports. Here are ten facts why Anna Kournikova is a legend and not just a cover girl.

Kournikova's love for this sport is not without reason. Her mother Alla was a tennis coach. But my father was not far from sports. Dad Sergei was a professional wrestler.

Anna Kournikova became a professional tennis player in 1995 at the age of 14 years old.

At the same time, Anna competes in the Federation Cup for the Russian national team and becomes the youngest athlete who took part and won.

Already in 2000, she climbed to the 58th place in the ranking of the richest athletes FORBES.

Soon, Anna begins an affair with hockey player Pavel Bure, and then with another hockey star, Sergei Fedorov, but this relationship was not crowned with success either.

In 2010, the girl received American citizenship. The athlete has repeatedly mentioned America as a second homeland.

Thanks to her appearance, Anna was not only an athlete, but also a real socialite, often appearing on the covers of the best publications and in advertising campaigns. This brought her huge fees. It was she who showed the whole world that appearance and the ability to present yourself can be more important than your sports achievements. Sports can exist without victories.

An ace combination is named in honor of Anna Kournikova and the king (AK) in poker, as she looks beautiful, but rarely wins.

Kournikova played her last professional match at the age of 22 and lost it to the 384th racket of the world, Brune Colosio. Many blame the tennis player's mother for an unsuccessful sports career. The coach recalled that in the classroom, after each blow, the girl looked at her mother's reaction. As a result, - said Bollettieri, - I could not really develop Anna's game and give her the shots that would bring her success - especially the serve.

Having finished her career, the ex-tennis player has protected herself from journalists and social life. Her relationship with singer Enrique Iglesias, which began back in 2001, was and remains closed to prying eyes. In 2017, the couple shocked Christmas fanstwins, although it was not known about Anna's pregnancy. It is still unknown whether the happy parents are married.

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