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The Murray brothers: together, but one at a time

Quite a lot of interesting family duets have appeared in the world of tennis lately. Brothers Brian, sisters Williams, Radwansky, Bondarenko, brother and sister of Safina. Each duet is interesting in its own way. But it would be wrong to ignore another pair of tennis players with the same surname. Let Andy and Jamie Murray have not yet won as many titles as, say, the Americans Brian or the Russians Safin. Apparently, it's only a matter of time.

When people in the tennis world hear about a player named Murray, they immediately think of Andy, a 20-year-old top 10 player with five career titles. But you also need to know about the older brother - 22-year-old Jamie.

The good-natured Scotsman should not fall out of public attention just because his niche has become a less popular pair combination today. Unlike Andy, who has to live under the legacy of Tim Henman's legacy of fans' expectations - the expectation of the Briton winning Wimbledon alone - Jamie is free of any pressure. Everything is great - I play a pair successfully. I achieved good results, winning some tournaments, even Wimbledon 2007 in mixed doubles (with Serbian Elena Jankovic). But I know that this is absolutely not comparable to Andy's achievement - after all, he is a top ten player. I do not envy, nothing like that, let everything go as it goes.

The captain of the British team in the Davis Cup, John Lloyd, believes that Jamie behaves maturely and gracefully under the circumstances: He remarkably keeps his jealousy in check. He's just enjoying his tennis life. After all, anyone with a more successful younger brother or sister could be jealous. Anyone, but not Jamie.

All gossip-loving fans speculate if there is some animosity between the brothers after Jamie scolded Andy through the media. This happened when the youngest of the brothers refused to fly to Argentina for the 1/8 Davis Cup match. Andy motivated this with a knee injury, but Jamie felt that his brother simply did not want to go on a long trip, being sure that Great Britain was doomed. Then the elder Murray said: Of course, this affects my attitude towards him.

But brothers are brothers. As a result, the spat did not escalate into a serious family feud, and Jamie will continue to live in Andy's London apartment without rent. And if there is a positive side to this incident, it is that the Murray brothers have proved their independence and the right to freely express their opinions.

The Murray grew up in Dunblane, a Scottish village in the south of Perthshire. Their mom started teaching them tennis from the moment Jamie was four. Once, when both brothers were in one of the buildings of their school, the measured course of city life was disrupted by a maniac who shot sixteen children and one teacher in their school. Yes, we were there that day - Jamie recalled. - Honestly, I don't remember the details, because I was only ten years old, and I had no idea how awful it was.

Naturally, as a child, J.Eimi played better than Andy, but everything changed when, at the age of fifteen, Andy decided to leave to train in Spain. Jamie spent several months there with his brother, but did not want to move for a long time - friends and family were dear to him. He went to Spain, and we hardly saw each other for about three years. During this time, there was a qualitative leap in his game, and he began to play at a much higher level than me. I think that his decision to leave was correct, because many elements of his current game Andy acquired there.

The first memorable performance of Andy, who had a lot of fun in futures and challengers, came in the summer of 2005. Having received WC in London, he successfully completed two rounds, losing in a bitter struggle to Thomas Johansson. Having got to Wimbledon in a similar way, he won two matches there, and in 1/16 he was leading David Nalbandian 2: 0 in sets, but largely due to lack of physical strength he lost three easy games.

After Wimbledon, Andy officially announced that Mark Petchy, who worked with him during the grass season, is his permanent coach: I am so glad that Mark became my coach, I think our cooperation will be successful. He has helped me a lot over the past weeks, and working with him I am constantly improving my game. And in the fall in Bangkok, he reached the final of the ATP tournament for the first time, losing only to Roger Federer. After such a successful performance, he entered the top 100 tennis players for the first time.

The Briton's talent became obvious to everyone in the 2006 season, when in San Jose he took his first title in his career, beating former first rackets of the world Andy Roddick and Lleyton Hewitt. However, leaving a week later in the Memphis quarterfinals, Murray got into a black streak. He did not win more than one match in a tournament until June's Nottingham tournament. This prompted Andy to think about changing his coach. Together with the British Tennis Federation, he chose the famous Brad Gilbert, who coached Andre Agassi for a long time, as well as Andy's namesake - Roddick. Moreover, it was the Federation who incurred the costs of paying for this specialist.

Brad gave Murray's game austerity and solidity. This paid off, and the Briton began to rise in the rankings again. 1/8 Wimbledon (he became the first Scotsman in the Open Era to come this far), the final of Washington, the semifinals of the Masters in Toronto - and he is already on the threshold of twenty. In the fall, Andy helped his team defeat the Ukrainian national team and stay in the first Euro-African group of the Davis Cup. He finished the year for the first time in the top twenty - in 17th place.

In 2007, Murray continued to confirm that the British Tennis Federation is not wasting money on Brad Gilbert. He started the season with the Doha final, losing to Ivan Ljubicic. And then there was a crazy five-set match of the 1/8 finals of the Australian Open against Rafael Nadal. Andy won the first and third games, but he could have taken either the second or the fourth - in the second he was leading 4: 1, and in the fourth with a score of 3: 2, he had five breakpoints in his favor, but he was unable to correctly orderbe them. The realization of these important goals - 3 out of 17 - became one of the determining factors in the defeat of the Briton. After that game in the fourth set, Nadal seized the initiative, and Murray was not enough either physically or mentally - for the remaining one and a half sets he took only one game.

A little later, Andy successfully defended the title in San Jose, beating in the final of the Croatian giant Ivo Karlovic. In the same tournament, he took the doubles title with his brother. Interestingly, the last time the brothers took both titles back in 1989 - it was Emilio and Javier Sanchez.

Two semifinals of the Masters in Indian Wells and Miami with easy defeats from Novak Djokovic allowed Andy to enter for the first time in his life in the top ten. However, he did not have to rejoice at this fact for a long time - in the first round of Hamburg, against the Italian Filippo Volandri, who beat Roger Federer himself a week earlier, Murray injured his wrist and had to miss several months. He tried to play on the Wimbledon courts, and even was in the tournament grid, but at the last moment he refused, deciding not to risk his health.

The Scot returned already at the Montreal Masters. The first tournaments were very difficult for him. He was able to gain optimal form only for the Davis Cup playoffs. It was Tim Hanman's farewell match and, of course, everyone wanted a kind of handover of the baton from the old favorite of the public - to the young one. Great Britain defeated the weakened Croatia national team and for the first time in many years entered the World Group.

That season Andy successfully played two more tournaments - he reached the final of Metz, losing there to Tommy Robredo after winning the first set with a steering wheel. and also won a tournament in St. Petersburg. By the way, he also came to Moscow, but lost in the second round to Janko Tipsarevic, after which he said that the Serb was being sued (their match took place on the first court, not equipped with the Hawk-eye system). Let's see if the Briton will return to us this year.

In any case, Brad Gilbert will definitely not come with him. They parted at the end of November - Murray found it more useful to create a team of coaches. It includes Jez Green, Matt Little and Miles McLagan.

It is difficult to judge how much this helped Andy. His performances in 2008 resemble zebra stripes - title in Doha - first round of AO - title in Marseille - first round of Rotterdam. Only recently completed Dubai is somewhere in the middle - on the one hand, in the first round, he beat not just anyone, but Roger Federer. And he won for the second time in a row, which after the accession of the Swiss on the tennis throne only Rafael Nadal, Guillermo Cañas and David Nalbandian succeeded. On the other hand, the Scotsman stopped at the quarterfinals stage, losing to Nikolai Davydenko.

At least Andy is again on the threshold of tens, but in the next month he will have a difficult test - defending two semi-finals of the Masters series in a row. And after that, the time will come for the British tennis player when he did not play a year ago, and, accordingly, thishour he has nothing to defend. This gives him an excellent chance to gain a foothold in the top 10.

Who knows how much Jamie's tennis path would change if he followed his brother to Spain?

However, looking at his physical characteristics, we can conclude that the pair is the ideal choice for the 190 cm Jamie, nicknamed the outstretched for his impressive arm span. This curly-haired guy enjoys increased female attention, but insists on the inadmissibility of serious romantic relationships anytime soon. At least this year, because Murray Sr. says that he would like to play with Max Mirny as long as possible and try to get to the final Masters.

He is a big guy with long arms - said about Jamie Mike Brian after being defeated in the Delray Beach finals on a super timer. - He reads the game well, and his punches are delivered. He is definitely a doubles player - a lot of his punches are useless alone, but they work great in pairs thanks to a short swing.

Overall, Jamie Murray became a great tennis player, almost getting rid of his brother's authority over him. And after that it turned out that even if he is sometimes recognized only as Andy's brother, it's not so bad. Yes, it still happens, but I grew up with it and I'm used to it, so it's okay, that's Jamie's judgment on this matter.

Based on ATP and ESPN.

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