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Tursunov avenged himself and that guy

After the hard-to-explain defeat of the Russians in Saturday's doubles match, the intrigue in the Davis Cup meeting Romania - Russia was revived and the struggle continued on Sunday. The most interesting thing is that Dmitry Tursunov after the defeat in doubles himself expressed his readiness to play on Sunday: If the captain puts me on the game, then I will go out without problems. I'm sure all guys are in the same mood. We have already been in similar situations before: nothing terrible has happened, everything is still in our hands. But when Shamil Tarpishchev gave Dmitry such an opportunity, Tursunov looked much less confident on the court ...

Davis Cup. 1/8 finals

Romania - Russia - 1: 4. Day three

Victor Hanescu - Dmitry Tursunov - 6: 4, 7: 5, 3: 6, 4: 6, 2: 6.

Viktor Kryvoi - Teimuraz Gabashvili - 4: 6, 2: 6.

The result of the doubles match should rather be called a gift, not a gift to the captain of the national team. Tarpishchev could only smile ironically, remembering that a smile is the flag of the ship, and replace the current leader Marat Safin with Dmitry Tursunov . Whether this tactical move was a surprise for the Romanians is hard to say. Last year, Tursunov and Hanescu met twice: Tursunov turned out to be stronger at the US Open, and at the end of the year in Madrid the Romanian took revenge, so the sides' chances in the first Sunday fight it was possible to evaluate as approximately equal.

As everyone was convinced the day before, the statistics in the Transylvania hall are not valid. How else to explain the loss of a pair of experienced professionals, made up of the 25th and 28th rackets of the world, to the local duo, in which the 18-year-old Saving up is 616th in the ranking, and his partner Tetseu 1289 at all? Who would have thought after winning eight sets (including two Friday singles) that putting the squeeze on the Romanians would be so difficult? Or was it a manifestation of a typically Russian trait - to create difficulties for yourself and then heroically overcome them ?!

In the first game of the match Hanescu - Tursunov , the Romanian had only one break point in the third game. But Viktor succeeded in a successful line-up, to which Tursunov did not have an answer. As there were then no trump cards in the game at the reception. Until the end of the game, the Russian did not manage to recoup, and she remained with the owner of the court - 6: 4. The tribunes of Transylvania cheered up.

At the beginning of the second set, Victor Hanescu felt that he could not beat on the back line Dmitry Tursunov and went ahead with unprepared strikes. This allowed Tursunov to make the first break in the match and consolidate the advantage - 2: 0. And then an amazing metamorphosis occurred with the Russian. He began to grow darker, losing one point after another and lost two games in a row, almost losing the third.

With the score 0:40, Tursunov again began to fight on his serve, played in the hardest game 7 break points and again took the lead - 3: 2. But at the end of the second game, a new series of Tursunov errors followed.With a score of 5: 5 and 30:30, Hanescu succeeded in a high tracing candle, and then the 46th unforced error of Tursunov , who sent the ball out-of-bounds, followed. The Romanian, who had made only 13 mistakes by that time, confidently applied for the second set - 7: 5.

Russian national team (USSR). The ratio of victories and defeats in Davis Cup matches - 78/40

Victories after the third match (3: 0) - 29
Victories after the fourth match (3: 1 ) - 25
Victories after the fifth match (3: 2) - 24.

In the third set, the situation was mirrored. Hanescu came out ahead with a break, but lost concentration, and with it the serve, and the opponent started playing much more confidently. The ending of the third game Tursunov had a good level and brought it to victory - 6: 3. But, more importantly, at the end of the third game Dmitry found his trademark game, which also affected the further course of the match.

The Russian in the fourth set began to make fewer mistakes (16 versus 11), continued to play more actively (on 13 more effective attacks) and quite confidently won the game 6: 4, not allowing anyone to doubt his superiority during the game. Hanescu , having missed the third game, became emotionally depressed and began to set himself up for a fight in the fifth decisive game.

Victor Hanescu served first in the final set. And this game was decisive for the whole match. Tursunov after a stubborn struggle took the Romanian's serve, after which he began to play even more confidently. When the score was 3: 1, the Russians succeeded in another break, and after filing Tursunov , the score increased to 5: 1. The opponents somehow casually won the games on their serve, and the match ended with our victory - 6: 2 in the decisive set.

The Russian team managed to take the missing point, regardless of the fifth match, defeating the Romanian team and in 10 reach the Davis Cup quarterfinals for the first time in the last 11 years. The rival in the July quarterfinals will be determined in the Sweden - Israel match. In any case, Tarpishchev's charges will have to leave again.

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