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Two weeks that changed history

It was a typical Californian Saturday night. The rainy winter reluctantly receded, and the spring, which had just come into its own, delighted the inhabitants of the Pacific coast with sun and warmth. In Sacramento, San Jose and, of course, Los Angeles, social life went on as usual: parties, receptions, star parties, in general - California. However, most of the party-goers had no idea that at the same time in the small town of Indian Wells, known throughout the world for its prestigious tennis tournament, there was nothing less than a coronation to the throne. Only 10 thousand happy owners of tickets for the semifinals were able to see firsthand how history is being rewritten. For the first time in more than 25 years of the ATP tour's existence, the title of the best of the best was taken by a Spaniard - Carlos Moya .

Carlos Moya (Spain)

Born on 08/27/1976 in Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Lives there
Height: 190 cm, weight: 86 kg
Left-handed, played with his right hand

Professional since 1995

Highest place in the ATP rankings: first (first time - 03/15/1999)

Singles titles (20): 2007 - Umag; 2006 - Buenos Aires; 2005 - Chennai; 2004 - Rome, Acapulco, Chennai; 2003 - Umag, Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires; 2002 - Cincinnati, Umag, Bastad, Acapulco; 2001 - Umag; 2000 - Estoril; 1998 - Roland Garros, Monte Carlo; 1997 - Long Island; 1996 - Umag; 1995 - Buenos Aires.

Best results in Grand Slam tournaments:
Australian Open - final (1997)
Roland Garros - title (1998)
Wimbledon - the fourth round (2004)
US Open - 1/2 finals (1998)

Winner of the Davis Cup (2004).

This semifinal became a kind of digression into the depths of history. The Spanish conquistador Moya vs. the native South American Gustavo Cuerten . The fourth racket of the tournament against an unseeded player. Old World versus New. For the Brazilian, the only thing at stake was the entrance to the decisive match of the tournament, while Moya, in case of victory, became the first racket of the world. Sampras, Kafelnikov and Corretha simultaneously took off in the second round, thus clearing the way for Carlos to the throne. And he won his battle at Indian Wells. 1999 was a turning point for Spanish tennis, and the era of Rafa was just around the corner.

Today Moya turns 35 years old. He has already ended his career, although parting with tennis was extremely difficult for the Spaniard. I am madly in love with tennis. I've been doing it since I was six. And, of course, it's not at all easy to finish the work of your life just like that. I'm not looking for excuses, but I really did everything to keep playing.

At the top, Carlos lasted only two weeks, and then ... Then injuries intervened in his plans in a trivial way. That season he could not win a single tournament, then he missed several months and spent a long time trying to find his game. In August 2000, Moya was at the bottom - on the 59th line of the rating. It was with her that he began his great return. Exactly two years it took the ex-first racket, hTo slowly but surely, step by step, line by line, get to the top ten. And stay in it for 20 long months.

' I've always wanted to get myself a tattoo. In 1999, when I was not playing due to injury, I found the time for this. Then I had a difficult period and I did not know if I could come back and play as well as before. Now, when I look at this tattoo, I remember what difficult moments were in my life. It helps to remember that not all my path was strewn with flowers '.

Moya has won 20 titles, including the victory at Roland Garros in 1998. He won his first tournament in 1995 in Buenos Aires, the last in Umag in 2007. In all these 13 years, Carlos has only finished one season without a title. In that very 1999, when he became the first racket of the world. But the main pearl in the Spaniard's rich collection is not the victory at Roland Garros. In 2002, Moya did something that none of his compatriots could do in 103 years: he won in Cincinnati. To this day, he remains the only subject of the Spanish king to whom this American city submitted.

Of course, there is no escape from comparing King Carlos and Crown Prince Rafa. Two Spaniards, who clearly declared themselves in their early youth, who were at the top of the rating and in their lives holding a spoon and a racket in different hands. Only left-hander Carlos played right-handed, and right-hander Nadal, as you know, acts exclusively with the left. The first does not hide his admiration for the achievements of his own heir, in every possible way disowning the importance of his role in the formation of a prince.

' Nadal is an amazing player, - says Moya. - I've really known him for years. I first met Rafa when he was either 11 or 12 years old. He showed promise, he had talent and the prospect of becoming a good player. Nobody and nothing can show Rafa any way. Nadal is able to find his own path. He deserved everything he could achieve. Yes, Rafa is a great player and a great person '.

' Carlos is my friend, - is in a hurry to answer his compatriot Nadal. - He did a lot for me and for my career, and for this I should be grateful to him. We went through a lot together, together we won the Davis Cup. I have never had any idols, but the existence of a tennis player like Moya in Mallorca was undoubtedly very important to me. I’ll lose to him more willingly than to anyone else. And, of course, the result of this match will not affect our friendship in any way '.

Yes, Nadal never had idols, but those two weeks spent by Carlos on the first line, he remembers perfectly. Rafa was then 12 years old, and, by his own admission, it was at this age that he finally decided on his future profession. I also chose Babolat rackets for myself. Because they were played by Moya.

Tennis players are public people. Attention to their words, actions and personal life has always been and will be special. ZveThe buildings that create shows on the court, with all their desire, cannot avoid getting into numerous ratings, tirelessly created by various publications. Those concerned with the part of beauty and sexuality never got along without the presence of a Spaniard. However, the tennis player himself did not care at all. ' The fact that I was included in the lists of the most beautiful men in the world - it made me neither hot nor cold. I want to be remembered for the game, not for my appearance '.

At the same time, Carlos has never had a shortage of fans. For some time, Moya met with the TV presenter Patricia Conde , but then broke up with her. The romance with the Italian Flavia Pennetta developed very rapidly and even threatened to end with the marriage bond. But it never came to marriage: Carlos was carried away by the actress and model Carolina Ceresuela . The result of this hobby, quite unexpectedly for many, was the wedding and the birth of Karla's daughter.

' It seems to me that when a man becomes a father, it completely changes his life and himself, - says Moya ... - It is an incredible feeling that is difficult to describe in words. No victories in matches, tournaments - not even a title at Roland Garros - can match this '.

Carlos wanted to leave, loudly slamming the door at one of the major tournaments. For this purpose, he chose Madrid, but, having arrived there far from being in optimal shape, deafeningly lost to the little-known German Benjamin Becker . This game, according to the Spaniard himself, finally put everything in its place. My last match of my career convinced me to leave. We must do this at least out of a sense of respect for oneself. One such match is enough. I would not like to repeat it.

However, the bosses of the Asia-Pacific region simply could not let go of the great Spaniard like that. In secret from him, they prepared a real surprise for Carlos: a solemn farewell, which took place during the final ATP championship in London. 17 thousand fans present on the O2 arena court greeted the appearance of Moya, who had played several games, with a standing ovation, and then applauded him for a long time, who had already disappeared in the under-stands. A week later, Carlos played his full-fledged farewell match. It happened in the framework of the exhibition tournament, held in the same Buenos Aires, in which the Spaniard won his first title 15 years ago. The winner of the opposition Moya - Cañas determined a tie-break in which Carlos turned out to be a little stronger.

Of course, he will still delight the fans with his game, or maybe, after a year or two of rest, he will return to the tour as a coach. The daughter will grow, and the young wife, quite possibly, will give Moya a son as well. Carlos always knew what he wanted, and stubbornly walked towards the intended goal. Famous perfumers often name their new fragrances after famous actors or athletes, as if giving the smells human qualities. The advertising slogan of the Carlos Moya line is: ' A soft fresh masculine scent in everything corresponds to the image of a tennis player. He transmits St.To its owner, the desire and determination in achieving the intended goal, the spirit of sports competition and the energy of nature '. Happy birthday, Carlos. May you have more goals ahead!

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