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Vesnina: I feel that I did not play it alone in the season

Elena Vesnina played her first round match of the Kremlin Cup only on Wednesday and lost in two sets to Maria Kirilenko , without defending her points for last year's semifinals. At the post-match press conference, Vesnina spoke about the reasons for the defeat against the finalist of the Kremlin Cup 2010, complaining about the loss of concentration before filing for the first set and the long wait for the start of the fight, about mistakes when turning to the Hawk-eye system, about the differences between the current coverage in the Olimpiyskiy and last year and many other things.

- Elena, your match turned out to be quite protracted, but you still lost. Where did Maria prove to be stronger, and where did you lose to her?
- The match was very tense. Masha and I both fought for victory, we really wanted to win. With a 5-4 score on my serve, I felt like my attention had gone. I lost concentration, so I even tried to tighten it somehow. At such moments, you need to try to somehow reconfigure yourself, delay the rally. To force myself to work through this moment with my feet - but I could not do it. Masha successfully repaid at 5: 5, but my attention never returned.

- Please accept my condolences over the defeat. Before the match, you said that the main thing is to play correctly tactically. What exactly did you fail to do?
- You know, I don’t need to express condolences. There are things worse than a lost match ( smiles ). I needed to play tactically with her more competently ... Until 5: 3 I did everything right, tried to move Masha around the court, play not in her, but a little to the side and not even with such strong punches, tried to change the rhythm of my serve. I had to use my backhand on the line to twist it, but it was precisely some nuances - serving, backhand - that let me down today. Plus this attention is gone. In addition, it seemed to me that I had been waiting here for my first match for so long, and, apparently, finally going out on the court on Wednesday and leading 5: 3, I kind of sighed ... Somewhere Masha played successfully, she is very cool today served at decisive moments - locally and competently. And I am the opposite.

- It turns out that you burned out because of a long wait. Maybe if the match had been staged on Tuesday, it would have turned out differently?
- After the fight, they don't wave their fists. Of course, I wanted to play early. I've been here for a long time. I think that it would not have played a special role - I just now want to find the reasons for my incomprehensible failure after the score 5: 3. Perhaps the late start played some role, but not the main one.

- In the first set you have one challenge left, Masha spent it long before the end of the game. In the second set, you even took a try when your serve hit the line and was counted for you.
- Yes. It was like this ( laughs ).

- What is the reason for so many errors? Why didn't you guess so often?
- We both took challenges, because we were hitting very close to the lines and it seemed to us that at some moments the ball was hitting the line with literally some of its ownhairs, barely ( smiles ). It is clear that at such moments, given the coverage, I wanted to be confident in the judge's decision. Moreover, when there is an opportunity to use the challenge, why not use it? Well, in the moment when I myself took the attempt on my serve - I do not know what happened. Apparently, in fact, due to such a disastrous loss of concentration, it seemed to me that I did not hit. I sincerely thought that I went out somewhere. And when the judges were silent and it was too late to do anything, I took up the challenge to somehow fix it.

- You were a semifinalist of the last tournament. Did the fact that you had to defend that result somehow put pressure on you? Did you think about it before the match or during the match?
- You know, of course, I knew that I played the semifinals last year, I understood that my points were burning. But there was no such feeling that God, if I lose now, I will burn out such and such a certain number of points and I will fall in the ranking! To be honest, I didn't even know exactly how many points. It seems to me that if I stand 65th or 75th, it does not matter. It seems to me that I haven’t lost in the Kremlin Cup in the first round for a long time - I somehow managed to get through this opening round. It should have happened sometime ( laughs ). But I lost to a good tennis player who has her best season. Yes, it didn't work out a little, I didn't use my chances a little. It turned out to be such a match of unused opportunities - especially for the first set. But nothing can be done. This is tennis, everyone has it. Maybe just because I really wanted to win, and because of this I burned out somewhere.

- How will you please yourself after defeat? What can bring you back in a good mood?
- I recover quite quickly after defeat. I try not to burden myself, especially since this is the last tournament this year. Feels some kind of fatigue this season. He was very tense, difficult, with the Olympics. I played almost everything - with a single player, with a couple, with a mixed. I will delight myself with communication with my close people.

- Probably, there is a positive moment in everything - and you have already lost alone, and Makarova. Perhaps now you have more chances to focus on the couple, there will be more incentives.
- Now we both have no other choice ( smiles ). Yes, we need to concentrate on the couple. Katya and I will try to rehabilitate ourselves in front of our fans - to play well together.

- Nikolai Davydenko had complained the day before about the balls that they were blown away by the third or fourth game. The girls have different balls - are they all right?
- I have no complaints about the balls. Our coverage is a little so interesting ( laughs ). It is slightly different from last year. It was a little faster then, but this year it is much slower. I will not scold the coverage, I will just note that it has become slower. The ball seems to slow down on it.

- It turns out that uhthen you had your last singles match of the season. In this case, can you evaluate it as a whole?
- Let me tell you a secret - I still showed up, for the first time, probably in the last 6-7 years, at the ITF tournament in France. This will be the next week after the Kremlin Cup. I really didn't want to go there, to be honest, but I probably have to. I have the impression that my season alone has just begun ( laughs ). All normal people are over, but I have just begun. I would like to win a couple more matches and finish the season well. Last year we managed to reach the semifinals here, there were positive emotions. Now, of course, I will try to play well in pairs, but I would also like to excel in singles, because, starting from Beijing, I felt the game. Even before Beijing, I had good results, but it still seems that this year I played very little alone. There is an impression that I did not finish it.

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