Top 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players 2019

Who is the richest? Prize-winning tennis players in the 2019 season

Wealthy China

The prize money in tennis is steadily growing - both for men and women. For example, Rafael Nadal for his first victory at Roland Garros in 2005 received $ 1 103 960 (on the official ATP website, those prize money is indicated in dollars), and for the 12th this year - € 2 , 3 million. At the US Open, the prize money increased even more - now Nadal was paid $ 3.85 million, and Roger Federer in the same 2005 received only $ 1.1 million.

Who is the richest? Prize-winning tennis players in the 2019 season

China is enriching. There you can win 4 matches and earn more than 4 million

The first racket of the world Ashley Barty at the Final Championship received a record prize in the history of tennis.

If the Grand Slam tournaments have been held for a long time the policy of equal prize money for men and women, the situation is different with the WTA and ATP competitions. At joint tournaments, the prize money is also equal - for example, for the victory in Miami both Roger Federer and Ashley Barty received $ 1,354,010 each. But competitions held separately, of course, are not oriented towards each other. ATP and WTA set minimum prize pool limits for each tournament category, but not maximum, so prize money can vary greatly. For example, the Chinese have doubled the prize fund of the Women's Final Championship, which moved from Singapore to Shenzhen, and it was $ 14 million, and at the Men's Final Championship in London, $ 9 million was awarded. As a result, Ashley Barty and Stefanos Tsitsipas received completely different money - the Australian was given a check for $ 4.42 million, and the Greek earned $ 2.656 million. An impressive difference is also found in parallel tournaments. For example, the men's ATP 500 in Beijing provided a prize pool of $ 3,666,275, and a similar tournament in Tokyo - $ 2,046,340. True, the Japanese invested in the arrival of Novak Djokovic, who became the champion. Surely the participation of the Serb cost them at least $ 1 million.

Nadal earned more than $ 15 million

At the end of the 2019 season, 54 tennis players and 44 tennis players surpassed the $ 1 million mark in prize money. Looking at these numbers, let's not forget that taxes are deducted from all prize money - in the amount required by the legislation of the country hosting this or that tournament. Somewhere taxes eat up almost half of the amount, and on average, about a third is obtained per season. In addition, there are obligatory expenses for travel between cities, for the salary of your team, for accommodation and meals (although most of the major tournaments compensate for the last two points). On the other hand, players receive money from sponsors, from advertising, including on their social networks. Stars also earn money through starting from optional tournaments and various exhibition matches. We have already noted that Federer was paid about $ 10 million to participate in 4 fights with Alexander Zverev as part of a tour of Latin America. The income of the German from these performances is unknown, but it is clear that he did not remain at a loss.- although it is also obvious that Roger made more money.

Who is the richest? Prize-winning tennis players in the 2019 season

Federer's big jackpot. He earned more in a week than in a year

Federer received $ 10 million in four exhibition matches with Zverev in Latin America. This is more than his prize money for the entire season!

And Nadal became the leader of the season in terms of official prize money. Rafael received $ 16,349,586, almost $ 3 million more than Novak Djokovic ($ 13,372,355). Both won two Grand Slam tournaments and two Masters each, but the Spaniard still has lost the Slam final, while the Serb has only the Masters final. Interestingly, the only defeats in the finals they suffered from each other. Nadal was beaten by Djokovic in the Australian Open title match, while Novak easily lost in the final to Rome. It is clear that the final in Australia is much more expensive than in Italy. In addition, Djokovic did not make much money (as well as rating points) at the US Open, where he starred during the 4th round match with Stan Wawrinka due to health problems.

The third place is taken by Federer with an earnings of $ 8,716,975. The top five also includes Dominic Tim ($ 8,000 223) and Daniil Medvedev ($ 7 902 912). Stefanos Tsitsipas , who won the Final Championship, finished in sixth place ($ 7,272,204). Karen Khachanov earned $ 2,285,081, Andrey Rublev - $ 1,573,436. These are the 14th and 26th results, respectively. Note that in doubles tennis only the winners of two majors Robert Farah and Juan Sebastian Cabal from Colombia, who received $ 1,390,028 each, exceeded the million dollar mark.

And among women, the second racket of the world did not enter the top 5 by prize money

In women's tennis, of course, Barty has the most prize money. In addition to almost 4.5 million for the Final Championship and more than a million for Miami, Ashley received a solid jackpot for the victory at Roland Garros - $ 2 649 464. In total, the Australian earned $ 11 307 587. Three more champions of Helmets - Simona Halep ($ 6,962,442), Naomi Osaka ($ 6,788,282) and Bianca Andreescu ($ 6,504,150). Interestingly, Elina Svitolina ($ 6,126,335) closed the top five, whose only final this year fell on the Final Championship. She beat both the finalist of two Helmets Serena Williams ($ 4 310 515), and the second racket of the world Karolina Plishkova ($ 5 138 077).

Forbes has compiled a list of tennis players who earned more than $ 1 million in the 2019 season

Interestingly, despite the disastrous season, which she finished on the 69th line, Daria Kasatkina exceeded the mark of a million in prize money and even became the best among Russian women by this indicator. She earned $ 1,037,359, and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova - $ 1,023,739. At the same time, Anastasia scored almost twice as many rating points, became the 30th racket in the world and the first racket of Russia.


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