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Williams: the final tournament should be held on hard

Serena Williams started the Final with a convincing victory over Angelica Kerber . Williams served well, played well both on the left and on the right, and at the net her stats are excellent at all - 14 successful actions out of 14 outs. Thus, Williams won the 11th consecutive victory in this competition. She won titles in 2009 and 2012, while winning all three group matches. Of course, the American pursues the goal of winning five victories again and winning the main trophy. She has already taken the first step towards her goal. At the press conference, Serena talked about the Istanbul court, the importance of the Final Tournament for small countries and much more.

- It looks like the start of the tournament turned out to be pretty easy for you. It is known that you arrived in Istanbul in advance to get a feel for the court. How does this coating suit you?
- Everything is fine. Everything suited me today. It is always good to arrive early and understand in what conditions we will play. Besides, I've played in this arena before, so this knowledge helped me too.

- Do you think the courts have become faster or slower? Or has nothing changed? How do you rate the balls? It's just that some players think the court is rather slow for indoor use.
- You know, I can't ask such questions, because I can say that the court is fast, and everyone else will say the opposite.

But in this case, I can agree that it is really slow. Although the same picture was a year ago. Now all courts are like this.

- What do you think the court should be for the Final Tournament so that all the best players can show their game?
- To be honest, I am not I know. It might be worth making the court a little faster, but I love slow courts too. However, I also love grass. In a word, for me it does not matter much.

- Continuing the topic. Would you like the Final Tournament to be played on different surfaces? Don't you think it's a little wrong to play only on closed hard?
- No, I think everything is correct here. We spend this segment of the season on hard, so we cannot suddenly switch to grass, soil or carpet. It's much easier this way, because now all tennis players play on hard. Hard surface is the best for the Final Tournament.

- This season has been very long for you. This tournament is the final stage. Do you feel any tiredness or are you still as fresh as before the start of the clay season?
- I can definitely tell you that now I am not so fresh when compared to the tournament in Miami, or maybe , in Charleston. But at the same time, surprisingly, I feel very good. Physically, everything is fine with me.

- Your mom came to the tournament. The American press leaked information that Venus sold her the house for a symbolic amount of $ 10. Is it true?
- I haven't heard anything about it.

- What do you think about the next match?
- I think I'm playing with Agnieszka? It is very difficultnd tournament, here in every match you have to compete with top-level tennis players. What can I say? Any meeting here can be very difficult, as the best of the best play.

- The final tournament is moving from country to country. The organizers are trying to increase interest in tennis where it is necessary to promote the game. You play for three years in one place, then you move to another. Do you think this strategy is bearing fruit?
- I don't know. Honestly, I can't answer this question. When I was growing up, I watched this tournament in New York (in this city, the Final Championship was held from 1979 to 2000. - Ed.) . I've always wanted to play there. But I understand that such competitions are very important for Turkey, Spain and other countries. It is great that tennis fans can watch the best tennis players in the world at home. Top players do not visit these countries as often, so Turkey has a good opportunity to popularize tennis thanks to this tournament.

- Can you imagine a champion from Turkey in the foreseeable future?
- Yes, easy. Anything is possible, especially in Turkey.

- You have played a lot of matches this year - more than any other. Do you think such a busy schedule allows you to avoid injury?
- Interesting question. I dont know. I don't know what the connection is between a lot of matches and injuries. I don't think this allows me to avoid injury. Although I admit, because during the season I need to keep myself in shape all the time. Perhaps it somehow affects.

- I saw a fan who was here a year ago. You gave him a racket then. Did you manage to talk to him?
- We chat with him on Twitter. He's a great guy and a good fan.

- After winning in Beijing, you went to Paris to prepare for the Final Championship. Next year the tournament will be held in Singapore, and the pause between the two competitions will again be two weeks. Maybe you want to buy a house in Hong Kong so that there are no difficulties with acclimatization?
- I don't think so. In my opinion, from 2015 the pause will decrease to one week. I love Beijing, suddenly I realized that this is my favorite city. I can easily spend two weeks or 20 days there. So I am looking forward to the new tournament in Beijing.

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