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You can eat sweets: how Maria Sharapova eats to stay slim

Recently, the Japanese edition of Menjoy published a rating of the most beautiful Russian women. The first place in the list was taken by ex-tennis player Maria Sharapova. She announced her retirement from her sports career at the end of February.

You can eat sweets: how Maria Sharapova eats to stay slim

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As a professional athlete, Sharapova always adhered to proper nutrition and followed a diet. However, she could not completely abandon sweets even then. Here's how a tennis player manages to keep herself in shape today.

Stop products

To preserve her figure, Maria decided to abandon many of the usual products for most products. So, in her diet there is no place for sausages, lamb, pork, fatty fish. Also, the athlete refused butter and vegetable oil, semolina, rice, buckwheat, potatoes. From dairy products, Sharapova eats only cottage cheese.

In general, the girl carefully monitors the ratio becks, fats and carbohydrates in my menu.

I follow the regime. I would say that I have 80 to 20 in the ratio: 80% of the time I eat only what I have to, ”Maria said in an interview in 2019.

You can eat sweets: how Maria Sharapova eats to stay slim

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Nevertheless, occasionally Sharapova can afford fast food. However, she tries not to overuse cheat meals.

A lot of water and a little sweet

Every day, the athlete starts with a lot of water - adds a lemon to it and drinks at least half a liter. The girl tries to drink before each meal and additionally during jogging - to maintain water balance.

The former tennis player eats three times a day, and in between main meals she can have a snack - for example, nuts, fruits or low-fat ham.

Despite the restrictions due to her sports diet, Sharapova could never completely give up desserts. She even founded her own company Sugarpova, which produces branded sweets and chocolate.

Maria herself believes that sometimes a small amount of sweet is simply necessary for the body.

You can eat sweets: how Maria Sharapova eats to stay slim

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As for food that cannot be called right, I immediately remember how my grandmother baked delicious sweet feastsogi. When I eat sweets, I immediately remember that time. But I don't eat so many sweets: candy, a small chocolate bar. Sometimes this is also necessary. Sometimes I feel that I need such a treat, ”the tennis player admitted in an interview for Tennis World USA.

You can eat sweets: how Maria Sharapova eats to stay slim

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In addition, despite the end of her career, Sharapova continues to keep fit. She does home workouts, joggers, and even works out on the beach with a personal trainer.

Maria Sharapova on the Keys to Building Grit and Discipline

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