You can return with one child! The body will quickly remember everything

Elena Vesnina was the first racket of the world in doubles, won the Olympics, Grand Slam tournaments, and twice the Kremlin Cup. Last year, the Russian woman became a mother and focused all her attention on raising her daughter. However, Elena could not ignore the 30th anniversary VTB Kremlin Cup tournament and visited it one of the days, where she talked with journalists, including spending time with the Championship correspondent.

You can return with one child! The body will quickly remember everything

Beauty of the day. Elena Vesnina became a mother

The winner of the Olympics and three Grand Slam tournaments in women's doubles Elena Vesnina gave birth to a daughter.

- Elena, tell us how you are doing , what was the name of the child, how is it growing?
- Named Elizabeth. We will be 11 months old this Saturday. We are growing very quickly, changing, learning something new every day, and I am incredibly happy that I can spend so much time with my child and see her growing.

- Who helps you?
- Recently my mother was with me, two weeks, now she flew to Sochi. And so before that I was with the child myself, with my husband. Now a nanny is helping us.

- How does Lisa go through parting with her mother?
- It's very hard. She is such a mother's daughter, but I very rarely leave. The first time my husband and I got out somewhere together was the anniversary evening of the Kremlin Cup. This could not be missed. Before that, I did not allow myself such a luxury. I didn't really want to. Naturally, we went out to have lunch with my husband, but to go to some party together - we did not have such an opportunity. We wanted to somehow spend all the time with our daughter. Family quiet evenings.

- Do you already see your daughter's interest in something? Since she’s mom’s daughter, maybe she’s reaching for a tennis ball?
- She is very active, very smiling, loves balls. She has a dry pool with balls, she constantly throws them out of there and throws them back. She really likes it. She can sit there endlessly, climb there and get off. Now I have learned to climb in and out of the sofa correctly. We teach her not to fall. In general, such a smart girl is growing up. Completely papa's copy, papa's picture.

- Right-handed or left-handed?
- You know, left-handed so far. She takes some things more in her left hand. But at this age, all children are ambidextrous ( equal development of both hands. - Approx. Championship ). Until three years old, in principle, it will still be unclear whether right-handed or left-handed.

- Dad doesn't order his son too?
- Of course he orders ( laughs ). But for now, I still want to move away from childbirth a little and give all possible attention to Lisa so that she gets it. And then you can think about the second child.

- The Kremlin Cup has a round number - the 30th draw. Elena Dementieva told how she calmed down in the first year of qualifyingikatsiya Anastasia Myskina: Do not worry, well, think about it, I got on Serena, it's just Williams' younger sister. Don't you have any such funny memories?
- Of course, all of us, my generation, started at about the same year - this is Dinara Safina and Vera Dushevina. I remember very vividly my first seen live Kremlin Cup final, when Barbara Shett played with Natalie Tozya ( 1999. - Championship note ). At that moment I was playing the Junior Kremlin Cup, and we were given tickets for the final. Dad and I came to this final, and I had incredible impressions. I was really rooting for Barbara Shett then, she seemed so beautiful to me, I really liked her. Purely such a childish look. Then I wanted so much to go to the central Olympic court myself, to play on it. Of course, this tournament was a landmark event for our country - it is both social and sports. This is the tournament that gave us all the road to the future, because it was from this tournament that our first successes began. We were gaining experience and it was incredible. Experience is not easy to play, but if you also beat one of the players higher in the rating. And, of course, this gave an incredible leap in future development. I remember very well my match with Li Na, when I lost in the third set 0: 5 and 0:30, and I managed to win the third set 7: 6 ( Elena won 6: 2 in the first round of the 2006 tournament, 1: 6, 7: 6 (13:11). - Championship Note ). I remembered this match for a long time, as, probably, and Li Na (with fights ).

- Do you think about tennis in terms of a comeback? Let's say Kim Clijsters recently announced that she is going to be returning after having children.
- Yes, Kim has three children, but she is always in amazing shape. But how do you find time for tennis? It's very hard. You can return with one child. I believe that anything is possible. The female body is strong - especially if you follow your diet. Our body is very trained and the body will remember very quickly. I'm doing a little now, I'm training just for myself, to be in good shape. Even to just pull a heavy child, and my Liza weighs well, you need to be physically very strong. So I started practicing, played a little tennis and rubbed a corn. Here you are! Because they are invited to charity tournaments. Having played at such a tournament this summer, it was very difficult to leave after it. Everything hurt. This was unusual and unpleasant for me, and I wanted to get myself in shape a little, I started to train a little for myself. But I've only played tennis twice since the birth of my baby.

You can return with one child! The body will quickly remember everything

The Clippers are back and show Serena how to win Helmets being a mom

Kim managed to win three majors after the birth of her daughter. Seven years later, she will return to the court, having already given birth to three children.

- Do you train with any of the famous tennis players?
- No, I played with Andrey Chesnokov once and with a friendth - with Polina Rodionova.

- Are you planning to come back?
- I'm getting ready. Never say never. I can't say now that I plan to return. Thoughts are in the sense that maybe try. But we must weigh the pros and cons. Of course, I know where which tournaments are taking place now - where are which hotels and playgrounds. I will monitor all this, if any. But am I ready mentally and physically? Because I still have some chronic injuries. And if I give loads, then I need to see how I will react to this. If the body is ready, then why not? But so far I can not say anything about my return.

- So there are almost no chances to perform at the Tokyo Olympics with Ekaterina Makarova?
- Katya herself is injured and does not play. So our couple, let's say, fell apart a little in this regard.

- Are you in touch with her now?
- Not much. Katya has her own life, I have my own. In general, I do not manage to communicate with a child very much now. We are now mainly talking with girls-moms on all possible issues. We have a chat in WhatsApp, and we all correspond there - Nadya Petrova, Anya Chakvetadze, Vera Dushevina, Alla Kudryavtseva, Olya Panova. We all share some experience there, ask each other for advice, congratulate you every month.

- Which of you is the most well-read mother?
- All girls are amazing mothers, they all pay so much attention to their children. I also did not say that there is Yara Shvedova in our group, she generally has two children - a boy and a girl, twins. She is generally our mother-heroine. Here she is just returning to tennis, now she is actively training and will try to return. Someone here is better at something, so it's great that you can ask for advice and always get it from one of the girls. Nadya Petrova, for example, is a very attentive, well-read mother who is interested in everyone.

- What is the name of your chat?
- Mom-2018, because we are all who gave birth in 2018, it turns out.

You can return with one child! The body will quickly remember everything

Vesnina: how convenient it is to win gold medals!

Elena Vesnina about her fame after the gold in Rio, fines, an unusual phone, a portrait of an ideal tennis player and Aya's scream.

- But in general, have you ever had a desire to win the second Olympic gold?
- No. I haven't thought so far. But if I tune in and prepare, then I think that this goal will very quickly appear for me.

- How do you feel about the progress of Daniil Medvedev in the second half of the season?
- It's just fantastic! An incredible leap, incredible progress, nice to watch, nice to be sick. It's been a long time since we have such a good constellation of players - we have Karen Khachanov, and Andrei Rublev is recovering from an injury. And it is very pleasant that you can now watch your own andgrok and be ill, and understand that he is better than many. This, of course, is very nice to see, and I wish Danya further health and keep the same fuse as all our guys.

- What can you say about the change in the women's tour? After all, a few years ago, Serena Williams completely dominated.
- This is an absolutely logical change of generations, it had to happen sooner or later. The same faces cannot constantly play, they become boring. And very often we hear: Well, as much as possible! And then the player leaves, and they say to him: We miss so much! And that's how the tour changes. But this is absolutely natural selection. It's very nice to see that new names, new faces appear, it's nice to root for these girls. I watched the US Open and understood that I don’t know very many now. But this is normal, the same thing happened when we came - they looked at us and said: Who is this? Where from? Another Russian girl appeared again. Now I can't say that there is some kind of a pronounced star on the tour, that's for sure, but each is interesting in its own way. Perhaps in the future, in a couple of years there will be a clear favorite. It's hard to be like Serena, of course. I think this will not appear soon. There have been a lot of Grand Slam winners over the past few years. It seems to me that Naomi Osaka will be a star no less than Serena, but let's see how she will prove herself further, because it is very difficult to play for several years at the same high level. What Serena is doing is amazing.

You can return with one child! The body will quickly remember everything

Olympic tale, goodbye!

The last in history Karen Khachanov won the Kremlin Cup under the arches of the Olympic sports complex.

- Elena, we are now at the Kremlin Cup, however, the tournament is being held elsewhere. How do you feel - is it he or not?
- It's hard to realize, to say that this is the Kremlin Cup we are used to at the Olympic. It was, of course, a historical site. But I can say that it is very cozy in Krylatskoye. So far I have managed to watch only one match on court # 1. Cozy arena. In general, it is difficult to create such an atmosphere in the halls, because there is always little space. So it seems to me that we have found a good replacement for the Olympic one. I don't know how permanent this place will be. But I am glad to be here, and I cannot say that it matters to me that we are not in the Olympic. Here is the same Kremlin Cup.

- You already played at this stadium in 2013 in the Fed Cup match. Any memories left? Or is it different now?
- Yes. Then Katya [Makarova] and I won the decisive pair against Gantukhova and Tsibulkova. But after the first day we were behind the Slovak national team - 0-2. It was very nervous, unexpected. But we all, girls, did it, in this regard, of course, we never gave up. We managed to win that match, although we had a very serious opponent. Memories from Krylatsky are very pleasant, in fact, very cozyth arena, I can tell for sure. And then there were a lot of spectators, everyone came to cheer for us. And, it seems to me, geographically this place is even more comfortable for someone than the Olympic one.

- Do you remember the peculiarity of this court, which is laid right on the ice? Daria Kasatkina, for example, lamented that from this freezing from below, the rebound becomes lower and lower.
- Yes, it cannot be ruled out. In fact, there is such a factor when artificial turf is laid on the ice. On clay, when we played here with Slovakia, it was somehow a little less felt. He was fast enough for us then, at least not so that the ball didn't bounce at all. And here I was watching the match between Yastremskaya and Flipkens and noticed that the cut blow practically does not bounce, it spreads straight. Maybe it's because of the ice just.

- Do you personally follow any of our new girls on the tour? Has someone really surprised you lately?
- So that I’m watching closely, I cannot say that. Separately, I see the performances of all our girls - both Dasha Kasatkina and Nastya Pavlyuchenkova. Always, if I see that they have won, I congratulate, always try to write to them, that is, to be in touch. And the girls, in principle, constantly write to me, which is very nice. Because I understand that life on a tennis tour is so tough - results, experiences, some thoughts of my own - that very often there is not enough time to communicate with someone who has already gone somewhere else. But the girls are great, they always try to keep in touch. Of course, I see some results - Nastya Potapova, Anya Kalinskaya. Now she has risen in the rating, finally entered the top hundred. I have been watching Anya for a long time. She has a very good technique - I really like it, such a correct, academic technique. She moves well, but so far she could not prove herself in any way. That is, there seems to be a game, but there were no results. We trained with her when we played in the Federation Cup with the national team of Belarus (in April 2016, the Russians lost in Luzhniki - 2-3. - Approx. Championship ). She played very well then, but we all waited for her to rise. Anya started working with Evgenia Alexandrovna Manyukova, as far as I know, and she had some kind of breakthrough. She probably realized at last what she needed to do. We have a lot of good girls, I can't single out someone to specifically follow her. But I see some results, I'm glad. And it's nice to see that when I was playing and someone was just a toddler, but now in the adult tour they play on equal terms with the luminaries of tennis.

You can return with one child! The body will quickly remember everything

Elena Vesnina and editor of the Tennis at the Championship Daniil Salnikov

Photo: Alexander Bondarev

- You were active in social networks when they played and kept this activity after leaving tennis. How do you manage to stay positive and ignore negative comments? Daria Kasatkinand, for example, she said that she deleted Instagram from her phone because she was tired of negativity.
- Yes? Well, I don't have any negative comments right now. And when I played, they wrote a lot.

- Believe me, now they also write.
- Yes? Even now? Oh my God! Well, we have a lot of people who are more interested in your life than their own. Many people know everything, can tell everything. In general, we have a country of advice. We all know that too. But I cannot say that these people hurt me and leave some shadow of doubt in me. Probably, I know how to put some kind of blockade on them. Although, of course, I saw these negative messages - I deleted some, did not delete some. I understood that people want to express themselves, that they want to throw out their negative energy somewhere. It seems to me that social networks now exist for this. People began to communicate little with each other, and spend a lot of time on these social networks. On the other hand, this is also an interesting platform - there you can learn a lot, meet many people. But what happens to those people who lose on bets is of course outrageous. In Tours we even asked how to filter it, because now, as a mother, I understand - imagine that such a little girl plays tennis and receives such messages. Now I am already an adult, and when I was like them - there were no social networks yet. They appeared in a more conscious, adult age, so I, one might say, skipped this moment. But I have a different situation. But for girls of a younger generation, as old as Dasha Kasatkina - they have already grown up with these social networks, phones from the age of 14 in their hands - it's hard for them - you need to be able to cope with this and maybe even turn to a psychologist in order to then guard against it.

- Voluntarily or involuntarily, you gave a start to the coaching career of Dmitry Tursunov.
- By the way, yes! ( Laughs .)

- Have you thought about it in this way and in general, how did it happen that he, while still a player, became a coach? Have you seen these inclinations from him?
- He actually had good makings of a coach. He is a thoughtful guy, an analyst, he tries to analyze, to dig very deeply. Sometimes, when we worked with him, I said: Mitya, you don't need to dig so deep, you can already leave some nuances alone. But the fact that he liked it was evident. With me there was a slightly different situation. At that time, I was in good shape, but since this was his first experience, he accordingly learned from me. And accordingly, I did not like it somewhere - we had some kind of collisions. But the fact that he definitely had some kind of potential as a coach and he helped me in some things is indisputable. That is, I remember some of his tips, I can say for sure. This is his side as a player. He offered me - and it either suited me, or did not suit. For Arina [Sobolenko], these tips worked well. They fit like a puzzle, and tennywith them is similar in terms of the game. They both play aggressively, for strength, tight shots, good serve. Accordingly, Arina understands him, and he understands Arina. Plus the age difference - Arina looks at him with great respect - after all, he has such a successful career. Plus he is a very funny and funny guy, he knows how to defuse the situation.

You can return with one child! The body will quickly remember everything

Shut your mouth and play. Tursunov and his non-standard approach to Arina Sobolenko

Tursunov's methods in working with Sobolenko are akin to the methods of raising difficult teenagers. But Arina is happy with everything. And most importantly, it bears fruit.

- Do you follow what dialog they had on the court?
- I don't follow, but they told me. They say that it is straight at all! This should be watched. They say that she answered him a couple of times, and he still took offense at me. I didn't swear at him with any bad words, by the way. I began to give him some of my reasons, and he could be offended at me. In general, Mitya was very offended at first, which was a little incomprehensible to me, because it seemed to me that since you are already a coach, then you should understand that you are in second place, and a player is in first. If a player somewhere told you something, broke off, you should be able to level it and be able to bring the player back on track, and he, for example, would close, turn away and leave. It was incomprehensible to me.

- How many percent of tennis is in your life now?
- Five percent ( laughs ). I practically do not play, and only follow what is happening on social networks. And if there is a major tournament, then I can basically watch one match on TV. When Lisa goes to bed with me, then I have time. It was just the US Open that was convenient to watch in this regard.

- You spoke about the progress of Russian men. Is there any hope for some big success?
- They, it seems to me, gave us not just hope, such a pleasure to root for themselves and showed by an illustrative example that our men's Russian tennis is alive, and even as alive! They showed that we have a great constellation of players and there will be more players after them. Because our tennis school is still very good.

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