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Zverev: I hope no one hears me speaking Russian on the court

St. Petersburg Open is entering the home stretch. All quarterfinals were played on Friday. We bring to your attention the brightest statements of the heroes of this day.

Tomas Berdych in 1 hour 17 minutes coped with the Italian Paolo Lorenzi - 6: 4, 6: 3 - and became the first semifinalist. Still not knowing who would be his next opponent, the Czech shared his opinion about both tennis players.

- I followed the score of the match Yuzhny - Raonic. On the one hand, it ended unexpectedly, and on the other, not very well, because Misha is a player who has had excellent results in his career and can show great tennis. In general, this is good for tennis, since now all forces are equal and everyone can beat everyone.

And if I have to play against Yuzhny, I will need to show my best tennis.

- How do you feel about the game with the first launch? Is it too early for you?
- The hour of the day is not too early for me, this is normal. I like to know in advance when I have to play in order to plan ahead for this day: when I need to warm up, when to eat, when to start preparing. In this regard, today's start time for the match was perfect for me.

- What do you think if your opponent is not Yuzhny, but Zverev?
- Zverev is one of the rising tennis stars ... I played with him several times - these were real tennis battles. I beat him in five sets at the Davis Cup and then in a difficult match at Wimbledon ( 4-0 head-on. - Championship note ). I think that a bright future awaits him, our matches have always been stubborn. He always makes me work hard to win.

Roberto Bautista-Agutu took longer to cope with Portuguese João Sousa in the only three-set match of the day - 4: 6, 6: 1, 6: 2. This outcome upset Zenit footballer Danny, who supported his compatriot Souza all week. As it turned out, there was another Zenit player at the match - the Spaniard Xavi Garcia, but Bautista-Agut did not know anything about it. But when Roberto was asked about Villarreal, for which he is rooting, he immediately perked up.

- Russian footballer Denis Cheryshev plays for Villarreal. Do you know him? Do you like the way he plays?
- Yes, I know him. Two years ago, when he played for Villarreal, we met him, before he moved to Real Madrid for a year.

I can say that he needs a little more luck so that he does not often injured. If he can maintain physical health, then he can play great.

In the next match, the only Russian who reached the quarterfinal stage, Mikhail Youzhny, played, but he left all his strength the day before in the match against Milos Raonic and Alexander Zverev lost everything in 1 hour 16 minutes - 2: 6, 2: 6.

- Mikhail, your career has been going on for 17 years. What makes you go out on court every time and play matches like the day before with Raonic?
- I'm not looking at the length of my career, but at what might be aheadand. The motivation is such that I enjoy what I do. I'm wondering what else I can achieve, how else my career will develop. But, of course, the rating also matters, because you have to get to the tournaments.

- Are you satisfied with the result of the tournament and what tournaments are coming next?
- Overall satisfied with the level games that I showed. Of course, you always want more. Obviously, luck was on my side yesterday. I was lucky. I won a tough match. After that, of course, whatever you say, but you want more, you want to win the next matches. As for future plans: I withdrew from the next week's tournament. I will not go to Shenzhen. I will try to recover and go to two tournaments in Asia, where I play qualifications - these are Tokyo and Shanghai. I hope I go there. After that there will be three tournaments in Europe.

- Will we see you on tour next season and if so, will you return to St. Petersburg again?
- В next season you will see me. As for St. Petersburg ... You know, the composition of the participants from year to year is getting stronger and stronger, the bar is getting higher and higher, so I also need to stand high to get here.

I hope that everything will be ok and I'll come here.

- What can you say about the Davis Cup match Serbia - Russia in February next year. What are the chances?
- Much will depend on who plays. First of all, this concerns Serbia - will Djokovic play or not, in what form will other Serbian players - Troitski, Tipsarevic, Lajovic, Zimonic be. Basically, this is a very strong, solid squad, which has already won the Davis Cup with this squad. But we know that in principle anything is possible in the Davis Cup. It is still very early to make any predictions. Of course, Serbia is the favorite, but I would not write us off.

- What are your emotions about the long-awaited return of the Russian national team to the Davis Cup World Group?
- I think that our team is a full-fledged member of the World Group in terms of the number of players that can be in the squad. I believe that we deservedly entered the World Group and we have a place there.

German Alexander Zverev, who speaks fluent Russian, expressed the hope that after he defeated three Russians in a row - Khachanov, Medvedev and Yuzhny , the Petersburg public will finally root for him, and not against, in the match against the Czech Berdykh.

- I hope that tomorrow the public will root for me for the first time. And then, probably, after these three matches, she no longer loves me so much. But when I go to the court, I have to forget about it - who I play with, what country they are from.

- But you also speak Russian on the court. Probably the audience hears it.
- I hope no one hears that I speak Russian on the court.

- You said that you feel like a German, but Have you been in Russia for several days already, maybe you already felt a little bit Russian?
- Of course, I have something Russian in me. Both parents were Russian athletes, but all pAvno I was born in Germany, grew up in Germany. I still feel more German. But I will always have the Russian part.

- Usually tennis players do not like to answer about idols, but still which tennis player do you look up to the most, who is closest to you in style? Federer, Nadal, Djokovic?

- I've always felt that I was closest to Federer. He played with me, sometimes helped, gave me some advice. Plus he has always been my favorite player. So I feel that he is closest to me.

The last semifinalist was US Open champion Stan Wawrinka. He had a hard start against Serb Viktor Troitski, but then he picked up the pace and eventually won the fastest victory of the day - 7: 5, 6: 2 in just 1 hour 4 minutes.

- Opponent in the semifinals Bautista-Agut plays very well on this surface. In St. Petersburg last year he played in the semifinals, and in Moscow he was a finalist twice in a row. What should be opposed to such tennis players?
- I can say that this is a player whom I know very well. We often trained with him and train. He loves to play on counterattacks, this surface suits him, he likes it, and in order to beat him I need to play a very good match.

- You seem to be relaxed after winning the US Open ... Does this help you win faster?
- Yes, after the US Open I play relaxed, although in today's match I was not as relaxed as in the first. On the other hand, I kept my confidence, I felt that I was good at hitting, I was good for the ball, and I would do my best to win here. Moreover, I like this tournament and this city.

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